Alex’s journey is not over yet


Alex has just completed his BEng Motorcycle Engineering and will be returning to UWTSD in the Autumn to start on his Master’s degree.

Alex with Professor Michael Fernando

His passion for motorcycle engineering won him an award a special award ceremony hosted by UWTSD’s Faculty of Architecture, Computing, Engineering earlier this year.

His final-year project was called ‘Ducati 1199 Dynamic Vehicle Response Measurement Platform’. Alex designed his own data collection platform and used it to improve steering and stability in motorcycles.

Graham Howe is Head of the faculty’s School of Engineering. He said: “This work is unique in two ways, firstly as there are no mainstream motorsport teams publishing research on this area of motorcycle handling and secondly because this work is carried out on a performance motorcycle with real practical relevance both on road and track.

“The quantifiable data gathered from Alex’s system will give insight into stability behavior of a motorcycle with the hope of giving engineering solutions to the demand for improved agility and faster racing.”

Alex said: “I feel lucky to have found this course and this university. It is really hard work but I have had the kit and the support I needed.

“I plan to do a Masters next because I am so passionate about the course and I am looking forward to another year as there is so much more to learn. I have built the platform thoroughly ensuring values are correct which has created a foundation in which to experiment. I cannot wait to carry out more research.”

“Coming from Berlin – it is so nice living by the sea and the Welsh roads are beautiful for motorcycle riding. When the sun’s out it’s gorgeous.” 

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