Amy Murphy wants to see more girls in STEM subjects


Amy loved her career as a senior technician in a Neuroscience laboratory. But she always felt that there was something missing.

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Amy is now at UWTSD training to be a biology teacher in Secondary schools. It was a decision that she took when she realised she wanted to take a new direction from her successful career as a laboratory technician. Amy said: “I loved some aspects of the job but I there was something missing. I just wasn’t fully satisfied. I was enjoying tutoring sessions and holding classes, so I decided to change my career and go into teaching.”

It was her enthusiasm for biological sciences that inspired her decision to choose biology. She said: “There are many reasons I chose science for my teaching career – my knowledge and passion for the subject made it an obvious choice. Also, my own quest to see more women go into science. I believe that passion for a subject starts from a young age.”

Despite her confidence, changing career was still a tough decision to make.  She said: “Although I love being in the classroom and cannot see myself doing anything else, I cannot stress enough that this course is not for the faint-hearted, or for people who want an easy going 9 – 5 job.” Luckily for Amy, she has the experience to fall back on when the going gets tough. “Just before starting the course, I worked as a supervisor and felt like I’d dropped myself right into the deep end. I loved it and knew I had made the right decision.”

The Gift of Teaching

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