Celebrating Adult Learners' Week at UWTSD


Throughout this week (June 18th – 24th), the achievements of Adult Learners across wales will be celebrated during the annual Adult Learners’ Week, the UK's largest annual learning festival. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the value of adult learning, celebrate the achievements of learners and providers, and to inspire more people to discover how learning can positively change their lives.

Adult Learners' Week

With 61% of UWTSD’s undergraduate students classed as mature, the University provides a strong and supportive community of adult learners across its campuses. 

“At UWTSD, we firmly believe in supporting people to study whatever their background,” says Eve Warburton, Executive Widening Participation and Community Engagement Officer at UWTSD.

“By offering a supportive and inclusive learning environment, we hope to help all of our students to achieve their full potential,” she adds. 

After a series of set-backs in her work and family life, Louise Griffiths from Carmarthen decided she wanted a change of career and to achieve her goal, she felt that she needed to gain further qualifications.

“I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and my aim is to become a nutritionist and life coach so two years ago, I decided to enrol to study for the BSc in Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle at UWTSD’S Carmarthen campus.  For me, the degree ticked every box.  Although this was a full time course, it was flexible enough for me to be able to support my children growing up and for the first year I managed it alongside working part time.  It was also on my doorstep as I live in Carmarthen.

“Studying for this degree and achieving my grades has given me confidence and boosted my self-esteem.  I thought I would find it a struggle - but I didn’t.  I also thought I’d be the only mature student on the course - but I wasn't. 

“Studying at UWTSD has proved to me that you can learn and achieve at any age,” adds Louise.

“The staff are really supportive and approachable and I’ve also met lifelong friends and actually feel sad I only have a year left!  I have also realised that I love to learn.”

Another mature student who’s glad he’s made the decision to return to education is Lachlan Mackinnon, a 34 year old father of two who’s currently studying the BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Personal Training) on the University’s campus in Carmarthen.

Originally from Dundee but now living in Ammanford, Lachlan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and rheumatoid Arthritis six years ago.

“The reason I decided to follow the Personal Training pathway on the BSc Sport and Exercise Science course was to learn more about physiology and to gain in-depth knowledge about physical training that would allow me to set up a charity and help people in the same position that I’m in,” says Lachlan.

“After being diagnosed, I trained regularly and always had an ambition to step on stage in a bodybuilding competition – a goal I’ve since managed to achieve.

“Unfortunately during my studies, my father was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and has since passed away but after my dad’s diagnosis my plans for the future and career changed somewhat and I’m now hoping to set a clinic up for people with chronic illnesses.  A clinic where they could receive the best level of care as well as be treated through fitness and by learning more about nutrition and how it could help them fight their illness.

“Enrolling on this course has been the best decision I’ve ever made.  Being a mature student, there’s a lot at stake going back into full time education but by doing this degree, I’ve learnt so much and gained so much knowledge – it’s also a lot of fun,” adds Lachlan.

“Two years ago I had a dream of setting a charity up and helping people with MS.  This dream is now becoming a reality and I can visualise the clinic and the way in which I’ll be able to help and support people with chronic illnesses as well as their families.”

If you want to follow your passion and want to learn what you love, you can find out more about the opportunities available to learners by visiting www.uwtsd.ac.uk/return  

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