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The third Copper Coast International Film Festival sponsored by UWTSD Swansea College of Art has now closed its doors to submissions for the 2019 awards. Now begins the challenging process of judging, selecting and identifying the winners and runners up. This sounds straightforward, but when you receive so many excellent films starring Hollywood actresses like Mischa Barton, it becomes a difficult journey to navigate.

But Swansea’s Copper Coast Festival has found a unique way to do it…let the Film students do all the hard work!

The Copper Coast International Film Festival is distinct from other film festivals as it’s entirely run by the students of Swansea College of Art’s BA Film & TV course. They watch, critique, debate, reject and select every single entry received. This process is carefully monitored by the teaching team to help them meet deadlines. What is different this year is that the entire course, from undergraduate to postgraduate, will be involved as the festival is incorporated within their modules, so that everything they do counts toward their final grades.

UWTSD Swansea College of Art’s Director of Film & TV, Timi O’Neill said: “We think that this is an innovative way to teach film and it is the best way for students to learn. We want them to own the process of running a film festival for many reasons, but the main reason is that they need to learn how to identify the weaknesses and strengths of films in order that they can apply both to their own films. We are a production focussed course, which means that everything the student learns must be applied to their own work.”

Caroline Thraves, Head of School of Fine & Media Arts said: “The film course here at UWTSD Swansea College of Art aims to provide students with the very best training and education in Film & TV in the UK. The film festival provides them with different challenges that that forces them to move beyond being simply fans of film and TV, to professional film makers in whatever their chosen specialism.”

The theme of this year’s Copper Coast Festival is ‘Torn from Home’ and embraces the events centred on the Holocaust Memorial. This year’s edition of the Festival sees it extend its educational mission with the team running workshops for schools that will give pupils an insight into different aspects of filmmaking. In addition, a ‘48-Hour Film Challenge’ will encourage schools to make short films to enter into a special category at the Copper Coast awards ceremony.

Timi O'Neill explained why Swansea College of Art linked with these events. He said: “What makes UWTSD Swansea College of Art and the course special is that we are not just about training students to become professional filmmakers and film crew, but also we fully committed to promoting positive values such as respect, honesty and diversity. Is these unstable times, we must do our bit to produce positive world views.”

Professor Ian Walsh, Dean of Swansea College of Art at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David added: “For three years we’ve seen the quality of entries continue to rise and the Festival’s reach extend around the globe. Previous award winners have come to Swansea to celebrate their success and in turn share something of their knowledge and expertise with our students. It really is a remarkable student led Festival.”

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