Culture and heritage inspired William to teach history


William O’Keefe is using his 20 years’ experience working in the heritage industry to inspire a love of history in his pupils.

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When William left university, he took a number of different jobs, including being an aid worker with the UN, the warden of an island nature reserve, and working at the Welsh Office. However, it was culture and heritage that really inspired him and he completed a Master’s degree in Tourism. Following this, he enjoyed a successful career as an official Wales guide that lasted nearly 20 years. William said: “For 17 years I ran a business giving history and educational tours as a guide for Planet Wales. I have an interest in history and read a lot for pleasure. With so much enthusiasm it is easy to teach it.”

For William, training as a Secondary history teacher is something that he has wondered about for many years. He said: “I worked with many school and student groups as a guide, which always made me consider teaching. I had considered it as a career before, when I left university, but felt I had spent so much time in education that I wanted to experience the wider world for a while. I feel that having that experience of different working environments and challenges has made me a better potential teacher as I have so much experience to draw on.”

The Gift of Teaching

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