Emily wants to inspire girls to do maths


When Emily moved back to South Wales from London, she could already boast a successful career at the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change. She is now using her skills to teach Secondary Mathematics as she completes her teacher training at UWTSD.

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Emily has always enjoyed working with numbers. From her ‘A’ levels in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computing, she went on to obtain a BSc Finance, Money and Banking and an MSc Finance before completing a Graduate Programme at Centrica as an analyst. From there, she was invited to apply for a job working with low-carbon contracts at the DECC. Emily said: “I have always enjoyed numbers and logic, and I want to inspire students to feel the same. There is a huge shortage of strong female mathematicians within many industries and I’d like to be a positive role model to help supply the world with other mathematicians who are proud to say it was their maths teacher who helped them get there.”

In her previous role, Emily regularly gave presentations and delivered training courses to large and diverse groups of people. However, her teaching training is providing her with some valuable new skills to add to her already impressive CV. She said: “My experience of providing training courses in previous roles has been very beneficial. The biggest challenge has been balancing planning and preparation of lessons and resources with assignments and my family life. It’s been a lesson in time management.”

Returning to South Wales has also re-ignited Emily’s passion for the Welsh language. She said: “Another exciting challenge has been to re-acquaint myself with the Welsh language. I am fluent Welsh speaker but living in London made it difficult to get the opportunity to use it in my day to day life. I want to teach in a Welsh school and ensure Welsh language develops.”

The Gift of Teaching

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