Emyr Lewis: From the circus to the classroom


As a circus performer, Emyr Lewis was used to juggling a number of things at one time. He’s now putting those skills to good use in the classroom.

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Emyr’s background is in magic and circus performance. He has worked as an entertainer, where he spent his time juggling and performing magic at various events. He is now completing his teacher training at UWTSD, where he is training to teach Secondary Mathematics with ICT. Emyr said: “There is a lot more maths than you think involved in circus skills! Maths has a practical side to it in problem-solving. Different approaches to problem-solving is Creative Maths. It teaches rules of logic and it’s applied to everything. It’s fun!”

Emyr’s undergraduate degree is in Music Engineering. This gave him the chance to explore the fun and practical sides of both mathematics and ICT whilst developing his skills as a performer. His career as a circus performer gave him the opportunity to lead circus skills workshops, where he found his passion for teaching. Emyr said: “Whilst the experience can be challenging, every day is different, fun, and ultimately rewarding. The course is run by very friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging mentors who have been supportive throughout.”

He is now looking forward to bringing some of the skills he learnt as a performer to inspiring students to learn maths. He said: “I see maths as a big puzzle. It is logic, analysis and creative problem solving all at once. I’m really looking forward to developing my ability to teach in a captivating and inspiring manner.”

The Gift of Teaching

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