EXHIBITION: What would Mother say?


What would Mother say? is an exhibition at 211 High Street Swansea by Swansea College of Art Master by Research students. The exhibition includes work by Anja Stenina, Claire Francis and George Wright.

The title What would Mother say? introduces the idea of archetypal authority and explores cultural narratives produced and perpetuated within contemporary society.

Anja Stenina presents a series of short films and sound work examining the symbolic abuse that resides within our everyday lives and formulates a new mythology through the language of the mundane. Positioning her work within the structures of fairy tales, games and song, Stenina tests the resilience of these symbolic expressions of authority.

Claire Francis’ work considers ‘mother nature’ and her challenging counterpart the ‘man-made’. This gender binary, as with other binary structures, provides two poles: the ‘negative’ representation of chaos and the feminine, and the ‘positive’ representation of order and the masculine. Within the age of the anthropocene these polarised values need to be reconsidered and Francis presents a space where the conditions of ‘mother nature’ and the ‘man-made’ coexist.

George Wright’s performance work explores social and spatial territories and the sensations that are produced when a limit is imposed upon these territories. This work attempts to reinstate the condition and experience of entering an exclusive space in a contemporary context which has arguably homogenised cultural experience and accessibility.

Private View - Friday 28th September - 5.00pm - 8.00pm - 211, High Street, Swansea.

Exhibition opening times:

Saturday 29th September 12pm - 5pm

Tuesday 2nd October 12pm - 5pm

Wednesday 3rd October 12pm - 5pm

Thursday 4th October 12 - 5pm

Friday 5th October 12pm - 5pm

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