Exploring Harmony: How Can We Live in Harmony with the Natural Environment?


University of Wales Trinity Saint David was delighted to host a Harmony lecture in Swansea, called ‘Exploring Harmony: How Can We Live in Harmony with the Natural Environment?’ which featured contributions from Dr Nick Campion and Tony Juniper CBE.

The event took place in the University's Creative Bubble building in Craddock Street, Swansea on Thursday, February 15.

Tony Juniper is an environmental activist, campaigner, writer and sustainability adviser who has been working in the field for over 25 years. Following five years as the Executive Director of Friends of the Earth, he is now the Executive Director for Advocacy and Campaign at WWF UK. In 2017, he was appointed Harmony Professor of Practice at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

The discussions were based around Harmony, the book written in 2010 by HRH Prince Charles, Tony Juniper CBE and Ian Skelly, that brings together the authors’ vast knowledge and experience to combine theories of the Harmonious cosmos with environmental ideas in order to change how we look at the world and lead us to a better future. Harmony examines real life examples of how practices of modern life have put us at odds with nature and explains how this disconnection from has contributed to the greatest crisis in the history of mankind. In the book Prince Charles, Juniper and Skelly explain how seeking balance in our actions will return us to a more considered, secure, comfortable and cleaner world.

Dr Nick Campion is a Principal Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts, and is Associate Professor in Cosmology and Culture. He is also the Director of UWTSD’s Sophia Centre, a unique academic centre that explores the history and culture of our relationship with the sky and cosmos.

Dr Campion presented an introduction to the Sophia Harmony initiative, a collaboration between UWTSD, the Sophia Centre for Cosmology and Culture, and the Institute for Sustainable Practice, Innovation, and Resource Effectiveness (INSPIRE). This partnership’s goal is to move the conversation on sustainability forward and to examine what we as individuals can do to live in harmony with the natural environment.

The evening was hosted by two members of UWTSD’s Sustainability Development Team; Jen Lloyd and Tom Yearly. Tom, who is Head of Sustainability Delivery at the university, presented an overview of INSPIRE and its partnership with the Harmony initiative. Following the presentations, there was a question/answer session followed by networking opportunities.

Mr Yearly said: "Working within the harmony context adds a further dimension to the management of sustainability at the University and sets us apart from other institutions. It was great to explore the links between improving our relationship with the environment at this event."

During the event Dr Campion talked about the message provided by the first photographs of the Earth taken by Apollo astronauts from space. He said: "Seen from space the Earth is a fragile sphere hanging in an infinity of space. If we all live on one planet, all sharing its resources, then we should behave as if we do.”


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