From life-saving to the classroom


David John’s passion for modern languages has taken him all over Europe. He is now bringing those skills to Secondary schools in South Wales.

David John headshot

David originally worked as a lifeguard. However, he found a passion for teaching and became qualified to teach English as Foreign Language. His career as an English teacher took him to Spain, Poland, and Slovakia, where he taught English at all different levels to a wide variety of people. David said: “After all that time abroad, I wanted to move back to the UK which made me look into training to teach.  I like languages because I’m interested in the culture of different countries.  The world is a small place and languages make it all accessible.”

He is now looking forward to using the skills that he has learned during his time abroad to teach Spanish and French in Secondary schools in South Wales. David’s decision to move home was also driven by a desire to make a contribution to the community. He said: “I felt it was time to move back to the UK for many reasons. But I really wanted to contribute my skills to the local community where I was born and brought up.

“I am looking forward to my second semester because I want to deepen my knowledge and hone my skills – it was really interesting seeing the realities of teaching in a Secondary school in Wales. I’m really looking forward to getting a job in the local area.”

The Gift of Teaching

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