Gabrielle knows the difference a good teacher can make


Gabrielle’s journey to her PGCE hasn’t always been easy. But it’s taught her a lot about what makes a great teacher.

Headshot of Gabrielle

Gabrielle says her career as a mathematics teacher would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for the input of her own Secondary school teacher. “The first time I sat my AS Level in Mathematics, I received a ‘D’ grade. I was so utterly disappointed. My maths teacher convinced me that I could do better and with his help and encouragement, I resat the exam. As a result, I passed my A Levels and got into university. In 2017, I received a First Class degree in Mathematics.”

Gabrielle’s experience taught her that a good teacher can really make all of the difference and she is looking forward to having the opportunity to inspire other young people, in the same way that her maths teacher inspired her. She said: “Above all, it was the inspiration from my high school teacher that helped me along the way. He was encouraging, firm, but down to earth, and this is the kind of teacher I would like to be. Maths is such a satisfying subject and provides you with a huge sense of achievement. I truly believe that everyone can do it!”

The Gift of Teaching

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