Georgia wants to see art in action in the classroom


Georgia took part in the Arts In Action scheme and it inspired her to go into teaching.

Headshot of Georgia

Georgia’s undergraduate degree is in Photography in the Arts, which she completed at UWTSD. As part of this course, she took part in the university’s Arts in Action scheme. Through this scheme, she worked with three different local secondary schools to prepare photography projects, in which she was able to share the knowledge and expertise she was gaining through her studies. She enjoyed the experience so much, it made her think that teaching would be the career for her.

She went on to become a Creative Practitioner with the Arts Council Wales, where she worked with primary school students exploring creative ways of learning. She also spent time working as a teaching assistant in a secondary school.

Despite all of her experiences, the PGCE course is still challenging for Georgia. She said: “I am enjoying the course so far and my first placement was a very positive experience. We went straight to lesson planning and I was so surprised when I realised the number of resources needed for one lesson. But it was still a great experience and you get to see how others teach, picking up tips along the way. I’m really excited to start my next placement and see what challenges it brings.”

The Gift of Teaching

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