High Sheriff's Award for UWTSD's Bronwen Williams


University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) is delighted to note that Bronwen Williams is to receive a High Sheriff of West Glamorgan Award in recognition of her volunteering work.

Bronwen, Programme Director for Law and Public Services Portfolio at UWTSD, started her career working as a trainee solicitor for a sole practitioner in Swansea. She has been teaching on the Public Services degree course since 2007 delivering on the various law modules. She has been part of the team to validate a number of undergraduate and post graduate programmes for the Faculty of Business and Management which include Public Services, Law, Policing, Criminology   Health and Social Care, Health Management and Business Law. Bronwen has written and delivered on all of these modules.

Bronwen has also been tasked with role of enhancing the employability of the students within the public services portfolio and this forms part of her PHD research. As a result she has developed strong links with local public service providers in Swansea to develop a number of student volunteer schemes for the students.

These schemes have allowed the students to gain valuable relevant professional work experience and insight to the professions they are seeking to join. The schemes have also allowed increased community engagement and partnerships agreements with the university and local public sector organisations.

This work has culminated in Bronwen being closely involved with the Swansea Help Point. This is an Alcohol Treatment Centre that runs every Wednesday and Saturday night 10pm till 4am to look after injured, intoxicated and vulnerable people in the night time economy. It has so far treated nearly 3500 people and reduced the number of ambulances to the city centre and the strain on A&E on these key nights.

The need for the Help Point is still very much there and the number of intoxicated and vulnerable people getting separated from their friends on a night out is still too high. As a result of her work on the Help Point Bronwen created the #WhereIsYourMate campaign, launched in September 2016 to try and reduce the number of young people finding themselves in vulnerable positions when out in town.

The campaign has since been supported and promoted by Swansea University and First Cymru and there have also been a number of assemblies in schools and colleges across Swansea to help spread the message further. 

The campaign aims to encourage young people to stay together on a night out, that they go home with the person they came out with and to not leave their friends to wonder off alone.

Bronwen said: "We see a lot of people with dead phones on Wind Street with no way of calling their friends. We do have some chargers in the Help Point but not for all phones, so having the number written down would mean that they could be called to meet their friend.  Over the summer an Information Point was trialled in the city centre to help people find and contact their friends when they have become separated. Nobody wants to stop people enjoying themselves we just want to see that people are kept safe.

Speaking about the High Sheriff Award, which she will receive on March 10 from Mrs Louise Fleet, Bronwen said: "I am overwhelmed to have been nominated for this award. My job at the university is as a lecturer but I think it is so much more than that. It is not just about getting student to the university and through their course but also about getting them beyond. Over the past 8 years I have been working to provide students with professional volunteer work in relevant public sector organisations. This is to give them a real insight into how the industry works, make invaluable connections to build their own social capital and for it to lead to a job in their chosen profession after they leave us.

"As a result I have worked alongside them on Wind street till 4 in the morning,  sat in a room with 10 prisoners doing workshops on housing, and even been ‘blown up’ in a terrorism simulation, all these things I have done willing and happily. The schemes we have set up are going from strength to strength with plans to create more opportunities in the future.  Over the last five years we have seen a huge increase in our students going into the Police service, Prison Service and Fire service straight after graduation, which for me, to see them excelling, is reward enough."

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