''Imagining Other Worlds: Explorations in Astronomy and Culture': International Anthology launched at UWTSD


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Lampeter campus was the venue last week for the launch of 'Imagining Other Worlds: Explorations in Astronomy and Culture' - the  latest anthology from the Sophia Centre Press

IOW launch with people

Edited by Dr Nicholas Campion, Director of the University’s Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture and Professor Chris Impey, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Arizona, the chapters are drawn from papers originally presented at the 'Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena' conference at Gresham College in 2016.

Dr Nicholas Campion from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David said:

"Human beings have long imagined what other worlds are like. They have imagined travelling to them, have endowed them with meaning and mystery, and have fantasised about the beings that inhabit them. This collection of twenty-four chapters brings together scholars from across the arts and sciences to discuss astronomy in painting, literature, architecture, virtual reality and space travel. It represents the best of a discipline – Cultural Astronomy – which we are pioneering at the University. We are especially proud that the foreword was contributed by the Astronomer Royal, Baron Rees of Ludlow."

The official launch was held in the Founders Library at UWTSD Lampeter.  Dr Campion added:

"The Sophia Centre Press publishes in partnership with the University and is a vital part its innovation and enterprise strategy. We hope to have further volumes ready over the coming months. We'd also like to reiterate that we're very proud to be associated with the Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena conferences."


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For further information regarding Imagining Other Worlds: Explorations in Astronomy in Culture please visit https://sophiacentrepress.com/shop/imagining-other-worlds/

You're also welcome to contact Dr Nicholas Campion (n.campion@uwtsd.ac.uk) if you have further enquiries.  

Further Information

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