International Travel Careers take off at UWTSD


UWTSD Tourism Integrated Masters graduate Silje Gronn is celebrating a first class honours degree and an international tourism  job as a direct result of a field trip to Malaysia that was an integral part of her studies.

As a Tourism graduate Silje will be working as a Product and Content Travel Specialist for  an Asia Specialist Tour Operator in Norway. “My focus will be updating and developing travel products which the sales team will then sell to our customers and advertise in social media, newsletters and our website,” she said.

“Our field trip to Malaysia helped to prepare me for this role as I was able to not only say that I had travelled to South East Asia but that I  had an extensive knowledge of the area. I am so thankful for all the support I have received from the lecturers at UWTSD over the past four years, and I wouldn’t be where I am without their help and encouragement.

Jacqui Jones MA, Programme Director and Senior Lecturer for Tourism and Travel Management Programme’s at Swansea’s School of Tourism and Hospitality, said: “I am thrilled for Silje – She has been an excellent student and completed an operational  placement to a very high standard with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines based initially out of Miami and then covering the Fjords and Russia as part of the Shore Excursion team. She has been highly committed throughout her studies and was a pleasure to take on the field trip to Malaysia this year where the group experienced behind the scenes tours at Air Asia, experienced Kuala Lumpur and  Malacca World Heritage Site before flying to Penang Island to undertake further research. It is very exciting to hear that this trip has helped open up an exciting career opportunity for Silje.”



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