Lampeter graduate uses Classical Civilisation degree to successfully change career paths


Mature student Suzette Hase has used her degree to successfully change career paths. Suzette graduated today from the university's Lampeter campus with a 1st class with honours in Classical Civilisation with Latin 2015-2018.

Suzette said: “Sitting in my last job in Jersey I had a realisation that I was bored, unchallenged and, frankly, rather unhappy. I knew that I needed to make a change but I had no tertiary education or professional qualifications which limited my ability to progress up the professional ladder. I began to ask myself the question of where would I like to see myself in 5 years and what would my working environment look like.

“After much reflection, I knew that I wanted to work with children and to be involved in their growth and development. Then I had to decide what age group of children and in what specific area of their development. I decided that I wanted to be a secondary school teacher and (after much research!) my subject would be Latin. Now I knew “what”, I had to find out “how”. I needed a degree qualification which included Latin to suffice the teacher training entry requirements.”

Suzette said she began  looking at distance courses and was initially worried how she would finance this new career path. She said: “Then I literally stumbled upon UWTSD. I read all there was about the campus and the Classics modules on the website and made a clear decision that this was the University for me. I contacted Admissions, which was Errietta at the time – and somehow, and I am really not too sure how this happened, Errietta persuaded me to do the full-time course of 3 years! I did and it is the best thing I have ever done since giving birth to my son.

"The lecturers and non-academic staff have fallen over themselves with their help, support and encouragement. Unlike other universities you form close links with your academic staff as the campus is so small and personal. Emails were always answered, suggestions for improvement always made and praise for work well done always on their lips. Apart from getting on with the course there are other opportunities within the university which are well worth the time as they can add an extra punch to your CV . I knew I wanted to be a teacher and when I heard of the PASS sessions I immediately applied to be a PASS Leader. Being able to add this to my CV certainly worked in attaining a job interview where my time as a PASS leader came up. With the support of the University in particular Doctors Erickson and Parkes I also became an after school Latin club teacher at a secondary school in Carmarthen. If the PASS leader was not enough to secure success at this job interview – this certainly nailed it! And I came out of that interview as a Trainee Teacher of Latin at a brilliant secondary school in Hertfordshire which I start this autumn – I would call that a result!

"I wish to take this opportunity to pass on my thanks to all those involved in helping me secure a First Class degree at the tender age of 49 and to my class mates and friends on campus who never judged my age and included me in their lives. I think that we had a particular successful team of graduates this year across all disciplines and I wish them all the very best of success in their goals and dreams."


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