No two days are ever the same in Jonathan's classroom


Jonathan graduated from University College London in 2011. After some time working with a paralegal firm, he ended up moving to Malaysia and subsequently to Thailand, where he taught Humanities in an International School. The experience inspired him to take up teaching as a full-time career and he returned to the UK to complete his training.

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Jonathan said: “I decided to go into teaching because I love that no two days are ever the same and that as a teacher you truly have the ability inspire and change children’s’ lives.”

Jonathan is hoping that he will be able to inspire curiosity in his students. He said: “I chose geography because it is such an all-encompassing and fascinating subject which gives people an understanding of the natural and physical worlds. It gives people an insight into other cultures and I believe makes them more rounded, worldly citizens.”

He is now embracing all of the challenges that the PGCE course is giving him. “The course has been challenging, extremely interesting, and rewarding. There have been numerous obstacles to overcome with deadlines to meet and assessments to prepare for. But accomplishing them makes it extremely worthwhile. My mentor has been extremely helpful and supportive, thanks to his patience, understanding and his expert knowledge. I feel well equipped to tackle the challenges that will present themselves in 2018.”

The Gift of Teaching

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