Off to a flying start! UWTSD MBA students pitch to a panel of experts during induction week


UWTSD MBA students pitched their business start-up ideas to a panel of industry professionals during induction week at Swansea Business campus.

The event took place at Swansea’s Tech Hub and was attended by a panel which included Tech Hub co-founder Paul Harwood, Gareth Evans of Hype Bound, Rachael Wheatley of Waters Creative and Dr Maggie Inman, Head of Swansea Business School at UWTSD and UWTSD’s Christopher Thomas, Programme Director Online Business undergraduate programmes (Wales-Ducere) and a lecturer in Entrepreneurship.

Dr Inman said: "It was fantastic to witness how quickly friendships were made and tangible business ideas were created within the stimulating environment of the Tech Hub as an introduction to the MBA programme at Swansea Business School.”

Paul Harwood, co-founder of Tech Hub said: “The quality of pitches at the event was a joy. Great ideas and real business acumen were on show. I'm very excited to see what this year's UWTSD MBA course will output in terms of local entrepreneurs and local start-ups."

Employability is a key focus at UWTSD and as such the MBA programme is designed to develop graduate attributes sought by employers eg innovation, creativity, an enterprising mind-set and responsiveness to unexpected events/task. The MBA reflects the realities of the local as well as the international marketplace through its collaborations with a broad range of potential employers. As a result the programme’s aims, learning outcomes and content remain closely aligned with professional outcomes ensuring the relevancy of the programme for students looking to enter a dynamic business environment.


As such the induction week is intended to launch students on the MBA journey, facilitating opportunities for them to develop on a personal as well as professional level to help shape successful futures.

MBA Programme Director Jayne Williams said: “It was an exciting week for students who were not only presented with a business challenge but were also provided with opportunities to develop further by external associates. Working in teams, they were challenged to come up with innovative business ideas which were presented to a judging panel made up of UWTSD staff and industry professionals. During the course of the week there were several practical workshop sessions, including some from Big Ideas Wales, which also served to motivate and inspire creativity as well as personal and professional development.”

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