Patrick’s classroom will have an international flavour


Patrick Clinton combined his love of travel with his love of teaching and spent three years working in a school in Bangkok before coming to Wales to complete his teacher training at UWTSD. 

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After Patrick graduated with his degree in Mathematics in 2013, he decided to move from his home in Ireland to Bangkok, where he had secured a job in a Catholic school. He loved the experience so much, he ended up staying for three years. Patrick said: “Moving to South East Asia was an eye-opening experience, being embedded in a new culture, dealing with a new language. Over the three years I travelled to lots of different countries in South East Asia, meeting lots of good people on the way. It really gave me chance to develop as a character.”

The experience left Patrick with a strong passion for teaching so he decided to complete his formal training and become a Secondary school teacher. He said: “I found teaching to be a profession full of excitement and discovery. Each day was different. Also the relationship you develop and progression you see in your students, both as a person and academically, gives a huge sense of pride. Even if you make a small impact, you can still say “I made that difference.””

Patrick said that the best thing about the course so far has been the constant challenges presented to him by the course and the students that he is teaching. He said: “I’ve found the days in a school go so quickly, and they’re so enjoyable. Although they’re stressful, I’m really looking forward to developing as an educator. Teaching is what gets me up in the morning. It’s a hobby, it develops you as a person.”

The Gift of Teaching

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