Prestigious residency for Jenn Kirby


UWTSD’s Dr. Jenn Kirby has been awarded a residency at Cove Park, a charity that provides funded residences for a wide range of artists at a specially designed artist’s studio on the west coast of Scotland.

Cove Park residency

She will be spending September at the artistic retreat, where she will be developing her creative ideas into a larger piece of work.  

Jenn said: “This residency is a great opportunity for me to focus on a large-scale work of electronic music performance. I've been testing out a lot of small ideas recently and to have this dedicated space and time to build upon these is invaluable - and a real treat to be in such a beautiful setting at Cove Park.”

The residency is part of Cove Park’s Early Career Residency programme, which supports UK-based artists in the process of establishing their careers, providing an opportunity for research and the development of new work at this crucial stage. They offer four residencies to artists specialising in composition/music, crafts/design, literature, and visual art. Other notable alumni from the residency programme include Margaret Atwood, and it has been used by organisations such as the Royal Opera House and Sadler’s Wells.

Jenn is Programme Director of the BA Music Performance and Production programme and teaches on the BA Music Technology and BA Digital Arts programmes in Swansea College of Art, UWTSD. Since 2016 she has been focusing upon live electronics performance in the context of small works and solo productions. She uses various controllers to capture physical movement in performance to be translated in to music; she frequently uses hacked controllers and builds her own software to interpret movement. She has worked on a number of collaborations with dancers and is the founder of the Swansea Laptop Orchestra. This residency will provide Jenn with the opportunity to focus on creating a large-scale work for the first time and to challenge her own concepts of music performance and the world of electronic music performance.

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