“Re-Thinking Globalisation in the Ancient World”: International conference held at UWTSD Lampeter


An international multidisciplinary conference that explored different approaches to the theme of ‘globalisation’ across the ancient world was held at UWTSD’s Lampeter campus this week.  

Cynhadledd Ralph

Entitled “Re-Thinking Globalisation in the Ancient World” up to 30 academic experts from Asia, Europe, South and North America visited Ceredigion to present papers and take part in discussions at the three-day event.    Keynote speakers at the conference included Professor Mark Horton from the University of Bristol and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany and Professor Michael Sommer from Universität Oldenburg.    

Conference organiser and Senior Lecturer in Roman History and Archaeology at UWTSD Associate Professor Ralph Häussler said:

“This was a hugely successful conference and it was a pleasure to welcome so many distinguished experts in the field to Lampeter - it truly was a 'global' conference.  We had academics from the USA, India, Italy, Spain, Germany Norway, Hungary and Argentina to name a few and I’d like to thank them all for their contribution and support. 

The purpose of the conference was to provide new insights into cross-cultural interactions and responses in inter-connected and entangled regions of the ancient world.

We discussed methodological issues relating to the theme of ‘globalisation’ and we analysed them in different contexts, notably the application of this concept in different regions and different periods of the ancient world.  In the 21st century ‘Globalisation’ is a buzzword for our interconnected and fast-moving modern times. But globalisation is not new. Already 2,000 - 3,000 years ago, we can identify comparable developments, like an ever increasing inter-dependency between distant regions of the ancient world.  Nowadays, the concept of ‘globalisation’ and of a cosmopolitan society has come under increasing scrutiny for contemporary society. Therefore the study of globalisation with regards to the ancient world will enable us to place this modern debate within a wider historical framework.  It really was a fascinating discussion.”

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Attending the Conference from the University of New Mexico was Associate Professor Osman Umurhan.  Following his presentation he said:    

"Where attitudes and insights from four continents have converged upon Lampeter, Wales, to contribute some of the most sophisticated, lucid, and groundbreaking ideas to recent studies about globalisation in antiquity. A true delight and enriching experience!"

Joint organiser of the Conference and Classics lecturer at UWTSD, Dr Matthew Cobb added:

"I was extremely pleased that we were able to attract so many respected academics from across the globe to our conference. We had a very interesting, intellectually stimulating, and friendly range of discussions about applying concepts from globalisation to the ancient world. Lampeter campus and town were a big hit with our delegates and speakers – with one of our speakers from Buenos Aires even mentioning that they would like to retire here."

Further Information

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