Sarah Mosey is on a mission to inspire girls to get into physics


Sarah’s undergraduate degree was in Materials Engineering and she enjoyed a successful career working in engineering labs in South Wales.

Headshot of Sarah

She took a break to raise her children, during which time she followed a number of different paths including retail jobs and working as a carer. However, it was her volunteer work as a Girl Guide Leader that made her consider Secondary teaching as a career. Sarah said: “Physics is cool!  And there are not enough women in physics. There are fun experiments and seeing what happens - it's a bit like magic and the foundation for everything.”

Sarah is now looking forward to inspiring girls to go into a career in physics. She said: “I want to get more girls into physics and do workshops with Girl Guides looking at science and engineering. Working with children is tough, but it can also be very rewarding. The students at my last placement were so wonderful, it surprised me a lot! I’m looking forward to meeting new people and to having a new school experience.”

The Gift of Teaching

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