Sian loves bringing her language skills to the classroom


Sian Phillips knew she wanted to teach French. So she did everything she could to make sure that her skills were the best they could possibly be.

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Following her undergraduate degree in French, Sian went to live in Paris working an au pair for a young family with twin children. She said: “I knew I wanted to go into teaching, so living in France enabled me to improve my French and learn about the culture and lifestyle.  I then became a language assistant in English for French-speaking children. I love being in a classroom setting and sharing my enthusiasm for languages.”

Her time spent as a language assistance made her more determined to qualify as a language teacher. She said: “The experience inspired my career so much. I also recognised the importance of inspiring young people to study languages after my experiences of living abroad and volunteering and working with the British Council.”

Sian is keen to demonstrate to students how developing their language skills will help them when they start looking for jobs.  She said: “Just having another language makes you far more employable and is important in business.  It’s very rewarding to see the impact you can have on young minds.”

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