Surface Pattern Design Students collaborate with Dutch Artist Jan Koen Lomans


Jan Koen Lomans, researcher and mentor at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David was selected to show at “Masterly the Hague”: New Masters in a New Golden Age in the Museum District in the Netherlands recently.

Jan presents work that was produced in collaboration with Swansea College of Art’s Surface Pattern Design students resulting in a remarkable celebration of old and new craftsmanship in an auspicious setting.

This collaborative applied laser research has been built up over the last five years, with the staff team and students of BA Surface Pattern Design, developing and creating innovative artworks that have been shown internationally by Lomans.

Jan Koen Lomans said:  ‘’The dual process of researching and working with students is something that gives energy. Creating a team environment where they are part of the research process and learn to look practically at it. In the end create value for them through gaining experience. ‘’

Claire Savage-Onstwedder said: “Fusing fibres with laser technology allows new structures and surfaces to be produced. This exciting technology is available for our students to test and trial; working on live briefs with international artists and designers who are leading in their field. We are delighted that Jan’s new artworks are shown with Old Dutch Masters; celebrating innovation in craft skills, alongside historical masters.”

Jan’s work is on display in one of twenty-five period rooms alongside other Dutch Designers.

Nicole Uniquole has allocated a historical painting to each of the participating designers, photographers and artists. Drawing on the painting for inspiration, today’s masters have created completely new works on display in a perfect alliance of passion for craftsmanship and love of beauty. 

Programme Director Georgia Mckie said:  “This international collaboration has resulted in a unique student internship opportunity where students are invited to work with Jan on different shows and events; including Object Rotterdam, Dutch Design Week and others over the years.”

“OBJECT, Rotterdam was a great experience that wholly benefitted my career; it was a beneficial learning experience with Rotterdam being a wonderful city filled with many design prospects. As an international exhibition it boosted my self-esteem and was a great addition to my accolades while allowing me to have a new-found awareness of varying culture/region influenced design styles and aesthetics.” – Stacey Mead – Mdes SPD

The experience of ‘Object’ was confidence building and negated some of the struggles I had before-hand. It really helped me to unlock the context for my work, as well as considering colour, scale and pattern on a deeper level”. Jess Hill – Mdes SPD

“Going to OBJECT Rotterdam was an amazing experience. I was able to get a taste for setting up an exhibition stand and working as part of a team to create a stunning body of work that I was proud to talk to about with visitors to the event.” – Abbie Joslin – MDes SPD

Currently he is opening a collaborative installation in Dutch Design Week called “Garden of Resonance” and is working with two current students studying BA and MDes programmes in Surface Pattern Design.


Catrin Walsh, 3rd year student said “Travelling to the Netherlands to work alongside a creative team under the direction of Dutch textile designer Jan Koen Lomans is an exciting opportunity I couldn't afford to miss. 

The experience of working 'behind the scenes' of an installation gives a unique perspective of the design process which is very exciting to me. 

Soaking in the city of Eindhoven during DDW promises to inspire and perhaps challenge my idea of what is achievable through design. 

From this experience, I hope to further my understanding of contemporary art & design, stretch myself and my abilities while continuing to question and create throughout my final year of study.”

Corie Beth, 4th year student said “I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with artist Jan Koen Lomans in Eindhoven. I am currently helping Jan set up for Dutch design week, this is offering me eye opening insight and first-hand experience into the world of contemporary and innovative design. Already I have learnt so much, drawing inspiration that I could never have imagined, I can’t wait for this to fuel my final year of study”


Jan Koen Lomans