The sky’s the limit for Jamie


Jamie Davies has just graduated with BA Graphic Design from UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art. However, his career has already started as he’s landed a fantastic job as a trainee graphic designer with Sky Creative Agency.

Sky Creative

Jamie said: “So I’m currently training up at Sky Creative Agency as a graphic designer. I’m working specifically for Sky Sports, in the actual room where the news is cast. I work with four other people on my team and we work exclusively with Sky Sports whenever design work is needed.”

Donna Williams, Course Director of BA Graphic Design, said: "We are delighted that Jamie has achieved his goal of working with Sky Creative. He won his pitch at our annual Design Week Festival and was then invited to present his ideas to the Sky Art Directors in London. He worked with a team of first and second-year Graphics and Illustration students, which demonstrated his abilities to manage a group. The whole team presented and Jamie was then offered a position, which actually started before he got to go over the Graduation stage.  Jamie was a focused student who knew what he wanted and we were there to support and be part of that dream. It was smashing to speak to his parents on exhibition night and Graduation and see how proud they are of his achievement." 

Jamie had initially intended to study Computer Science. However, at the end of Sixth Form, he found he had achieved a much better grade in Graphic Design and decided that he would prefer to pursue a career in the arts.

He first met with the team from Sky Creative at Design Week, an annual event hosted by Swansea College of Art every year that gives students real experience of working to a live brief with companies such as Sky Creative, Animal, and Waters Creative. Jamie said: “Design week was amazing because that’s what gave me the opportunities that I’ve got now. It felt like a huge turning point for me.”

Jamie is not the first member of his family to attend UWTSD either. He said: “My Grandad graduated from Swansea College of Art as a young man and went on to work as an architect. He designed buildings in London and in Brecon and was also involved in the design of the Grand Theatre in Swansea. My brother also came here so I knew I was coming to a friendly university.

“Dynevor is an amazing building, it feels so modern and the layout is great. The studios where we create artwork are on the right-hand side of the building, signifying the right-hand side of the brain – the creative side. The Mac suite, where a lot of the more precise work goes on, is on the left-hand side to signify the analytical side of the brain. I think that’s great!”

It was the support of the teaching staff that helped Jamie through some of the more difficult aspects of the course. He said: “Teaching staff were amazing. My second year was hard, I had a family member who passed away and it was a difficult year. But I could talk to them and they supported me. I don’t think I would have got through if it wasn’t for them.

“All I can say is the future’s open – if you had asked me three years ago if I thought there was the smallest possibility I would now be working for Sky, I would have said no, without a doubt. It’s amazing.”

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