Thomas was ready to take on the challenge of teaching history


Thomas had established a career as a senior advocacy manager for a charity that helps people with disabilities. However, he had always wondered if teaching might be the right profession for him so in 2017, he embarked on a PGCE course in Secondary History at UWTSD.

Headshot of Thomas

Thomas said: “I really felt that if I didn’t give it a go now, I never would. The experience that I have had at UWTSD and in my placement schools has been brilliant. The course tutors are really supportive and I have learned a lot since September. As a teacher, you can really make a difference and it is fantastic building positive relationships with the next generation.”

Despite having a background in a challenging area, Thomas still encountered some obstacles along the way. “I think that the biggest challenge with the course is the workload, which is pretty consuming. It all becomes worth it when you’re in the classroom though!”

However, Thomas has had to prepare himself in order to complete the course and he had saved some money to enable him to complete his studies. “It’s so difficult, moving from a well-paid, stable job to a training course such as this, especially as a mature student with a family. However, this has been a wonderful experience. Do it if you can!”

The Gift of Teaching

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