Troy's lifelong passion for Ancient History


Congratulations to Troy Wilkinson who has been awarded the John Ward Prize for Ancient History. 

Troy with certificate

Troy Wilkinson has graduated with a BA Ancient History as well as being awarded the John Ward for Ancient History. 

Troy said: “With a name like Troy I decided to study a BA in Ancient History at UWTSD to indulge a lifelong passion and to learn about the people and events which laid the foundations of the modern world. 

“The course at UWTSD has helped me develop a highly curious mind and has encouraged me to be constructively critical of information. My experiences have allowed me to be able to interact with complex ideas and arguments. They have also enabled me to be more confident and have put me in a better position to help others. 

“My hopes for the future are that I can further expand my thinking and research concerning the ancient world.”

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