UWTSD celebrates the success of graduates in the Faculty of Architecture, Computing, and Engineering


UWTSD’s Faculty of Architecture, Computing, and Engineering is celebrating graduates' successes at a ceremony at Swansea's Brangwyn Hall.

It follows a special event at Swansea's Dylan Thomas Centre, in June, where 3rd students from the Schools of Engineering, Computing and Architecture and Built Environment presented their end of year projects.

Dean of the Faculty Professor Michael Fernando said: “The End of Year event showcases the project work undertaken by the students within the faculty. The event provides an excellent opportunity for our students to present their work to industrial experts and get valuable feedback. This event is a celebration, celebration not in the sense of graduation but in the true sense of technical achievement. What we are seeing in these displays are the engine house of our students work.

“I’m extremely proud of our students and their work. Conversing with them you can see the experience they gained in doing this major project, the lessons they learned along the way. For me, that’s the key, it is that ability to reflect on your practice and confident to talk to the experts, that characterises an UWTSD graduate, and that’s why this event is Special”

Melanie Lawlor-Fellowes received a BSc (Hons) Business Computing. She said: “The School of Applied Computing is a friendly and supportive environment to study where the staff nurture academic ability. 

“I have learned business computing skills and time management skill for successful outcomes. My project involves GIS for mapping information and overlaying data and variables, in order to find trends in the data and identify further areas of research. “ 

Ivan Thomas is being awarded a BSc Computer Networks and Cybersecurity. He said: “My time at UWTSD has been fantastic. The support at the School of Applied Computing is second to none. Lecturers and PhD students alike, they are always there if you need them, building on knowledge through shared questioning. Each question taking us further into a topic or enquiry, there is no final answer just more questions that delve further.

The staff are approachable and we have all the technological resources we needed. There were no limitations on what we could focus our projects on the response form staff is ‘we’ll see what we can do for you.

“I came here because the classes were smaller and I wanted a more personal relationship with my lecturers. They really enjoy what they do.

 “I won’t miss the work but I will miss the learning. – I’m off to New Zealand now to look for work!”

George Warrington, who has achieved a BEng Motorsport Engineering, said: “I really like the practical hands on element of this course, we look at the science involved, which is translated by the academics into practical application.

“The small class sizes are great, you get to know your lecturers and you can lean on them for support. There is an open door policy when it comes to accessing staff time which is conducive to a good learning environment.

“There is a good mix of theory and practical work, I have taken part with a couple of race teams which allows you to implement in what we have been learning , working in a team environment and under pressure. Real world situations.

“This course has given me massive employability skills, there has been lots of interest from recruitment companies with our Engine Design work, its sets us apart from other universities and employers are really enthusiastic about this side of it.”

Leah Cahill was awarded a BSc Web Development. She said: "The knowledge I have gained from the modules on my course has been helpful at is it linked to the jobs I will be applying for, it makes me more employable.”

The Faculty was also delighted to welcome partners and collaborators from industry who had sponsored some of the awards given to the students. These included The South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust (SWIEET), Circle IT, and the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The Faculty were also delighted to welcome guests from Calsonic Kansei, BAW Automation, TATA Steel, Trehearne Engineering, TEAM Precision, the Chartered Institute of Building, Morganstone, TRJ, and Construction Wales Innovation Centre.

The Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Engineering (FACE) is a multidisciplinary, STEM-based faculty based in Swansea. It covers architecture, automotive and motorsport engineering, construction, computing, electronics, environmental management, logistics, mechanical and manufacturing engineering.

School of Architecture

Award: Most Outstanding Final Year Student 2017/2018
Winner: Gavin Perry
Awarded by: Gareth John (Welsh Chair, Chartered Institute of Builders / Gerald Naylor (Director, CWIC)

Award: Most Improved Student
Winner: Matthew Thomas
Awarded by: Richard Llewelyn (TRJ Group)

Award: The Morganstone Integrated Group Project Award
Winner: ‘The Dyfatty Redevelopment’ by Jamie Stearman-Phillips, Gavin Perry, and Omar Aldossi
Awarded by: Stuart Davies (Business Development Director, Morganstone) 

School of Applied Computing

Award: Best Electronics / Electrical Project
Winner: Adam Davies
Sponsor: SWIEET 

Award: Best Experiment Project
Winner: Ivan Thomas
Sponsor: SWIEET

Award: Best Development Project
Winner: Kieran Hawkins
Sponsor: Circle IT

Award: Best Research
Winner: Liam Ridley
Sponsor: SWIEET 

Award: Best Survey Project
Winner: Melanie Lawlor-Fellowes
Sponsor: SWIEET

Award: Best HND Project
Winner: Robert McIntyre
Sponsor: Circle IT 

Award: Best Games Project
Winner: Sam Mounter
Sponsor: The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Award:  Best Experiment Project
Winner: Simon Peter Thomas
Sponsor: SWIEET

School of Engineering

Award:  Best Application Engineering Design
Winner: Alexander Przibylla

Award: Best Student Contribution to the School of Engineering
Winner: Andrew Noble 

Award: Project with the Most Commercial Potential
Winner: Ben Roberts 

Award: Most Improved Student
Winner: Duke Asamoah 

Award: Best Application of Experimental Techniques
Winner: George Warrington

Award: Best Student Engagement with a Company
Winner: James Thomas 

Award: Best Application of Computational Simulation
Winner: John Hughes

Award:  Best Application of Logistics or Supply Chain Initiative
Winner: Luke Atherton 

Award: Student of the Year
Winner: Oksana Gomzjakova 

Award: Best Academic Industrial Partnership
Winner: Stuart Faulkner

Award: Best Application of Science
Winner: Tom Hill

Award: Best Appreciation of Environmental Issues
Winner: Victoria Greene 

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