UWTSD graduates put their entrepreneurial skills into practice to launch their own new businesses


UWTSD Carmarthen Business School graduates Hanna Symis and Jazmine Love used their time at the university to develop their entrepreneurial skills to set up their own businesses, whilst at the same time bringing up young families.

Hanna was awarded a first class honours degree in Business Management. She is developing her own business in non-gendered children’s clothing - a topic she studied for her dissertation. Hanna is mum to two little girls, and joined the university as a student when her second daughter was just a few months old.

Jazmine is a hairdresser who applied to UWTSD to learn more about setting up her own business. She has graduated with a 2.1 in Business Management at the same time as opening her first salon. During Hanna’s time at UWTSD, she took a year out to have her second child.

UWTSD’s Louise Emanuel, Programme Director for BA Business Management on the Carmarthen Campus said: “Both Hanna and Jazmine are exceptional role models for future students. They have been developing their entrepreneurial skills throughout the past three years of their degree and have both been successful in establishing businesses in the region during their third year of study, whilst at the same time bringing up young families. They leave us with excellent degree results and exciting futures.”

Hanna Symis said: “I returned to education after having my daughters. I wanted to do something as a career rather than as a job, but more than anything I wanted to inspire my daughters to love learning. It’s been a transformative experience for me and my family - I have gained knowledge and confidence and I’ve enjoyed every second of the past three years - I almost didn’t want it to end. I’ve also shown my children that learning is a part of life - my lecturers were so accommodating, and my girls can’t wait to start uni too!"

Hanna added: “It’s hasn’t just helped my career, but has informed it entirely. It’s changed my outlook, and given me the skills and confidence to start my own business - one I am passionate about and one that is hopefully inspirational. Without the course, I wouldn’t have the skills in social media, entrepreneurship, sustainability and accounting that I would need to make a business a success. I feel that I have made my family proud, and shown my daughters that women can inspire change and do what they are passionate about. In addition to all this, I’ve met some incredible people and made friends for life.

Jazmine said: “I left my current job in hairdressing with a diploma and years of experience and decided if I wanted to be a success, I would need to know more about the way a business really works. So I contacted the university and applied for this course and throughout my time at UWTSD, I was able to maintain a steady client base along side my studies."

She added: “The university has taught me a lot, I am now a more experienced and confident person. Throughout my time on the course I grew up a lot. I started my business confidently, I’ve studied marketing and learnt the many ways I can market and run my business efficiently. I have been able to use my degree in business management alongside my diploma in hairdressing to open my own salon. I have employed my first member of staff and with the skills I acquired I felt confident to do so. I have also taken on an apprentice. 

"My plan for the future is to sustain my small business over a period of time and in 3 years’ time, I would like to open another salon.” 

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To find out more about the BA Business Management course, click here: https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/ba-business-management/


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