UWTSD to host a special ‘One Planet Living’ lecture


UWTSD’s Carmarthen Business School is delighted to host a special lecture by David Thorpe on the University’s Carmarthen campus this week. 

David Thorpe

David Thorpe is a novelist, journalist, scriptwriter and the winner of a Harper Collins contest to find a major new children’s writer.  An expert on sustainability matters he is also the founder of the One Planet Council and the author of several books on sustainability, including Energy Management in Buildings, Energy Management in Industry, Solar Technology and Sustainable Home Refurbishment.  In 2015, one of his most prominent books, The One Planet Life, was published and was billed as a successor to John Seymour's 'Self Sufficiency'.  This book in particular comprehensively and practically tells people how to reduce their impact upon the environment, but at the same time, it is an appeal for governments and planners to have a new attitude to development, planning and land management and to consider the full environmental impact of human activities.  Prior to this, he was the News Editor and Opinion Writer of the UK's Energy and Environmental Management magazine for 13 years.

The talk this week will look in particular at the challenge of living within planetary boundaries, how Wales is dealing with this (or not) and draw on some of the research for David’s next book which looks at one planet cities.  Ahead of the lecture, entitledLiving within planetary limits”, David Thorpe said: 

How do we measure whether development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? How do we know it's even possible? Wales is leading the way in sustainable governance in order to answer these questions. Spearheading this approach is One Planet Development. I believe we're on a crucial journey to discover whether One Planet Development can be applied at scale and what it would be like. Come and find out about this exciting real world experiment and whether you want to get involved.”

Programme Director for BA Business Management on UWTSD’s Carmarthen Campus is Dr Louise Emanuel.  She added:

“David is a valued author, journalist, consultant and inspirational speaker in the fields of ‘one planet’ living, low carbon energy, energy efficiency and sustainable architecture. His excellent book, The One Planet Life, demonstrates a path for everyone towards a way of life in which we don’t act as if we had more than one planet Earth. Much of this book is a manual – with examples – on how to live the 'good life' and reduce your impacts on the environment to lower your 'ecological footprint'.  For example, the average UK citizen is, unfortunately, using more than three and a half times the amount of resources than the country can sustainably manage. 

We’re very much looking forward to David’s lecture and I know that our students will benefit greatly from hearing his ideas and vision.”

The lecture will be held on Wednesday, March 28 at 2:00 pm in Room TL05, Teaching and Learning Building, Carmarthen Campus.  For further information please contact Dr Louise Emanuel - L.Emanuel@uwtsd.ac.uk  

Further Information

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