UWTSD’s Professor Andy Penaluna attends launch of new report into Entrepreneurship Education


UWTSD’s Professor Andy Penaluna has attended the launch of a new report into Entrepreneurship Education at the House of Commons in London.

For the past 6 years, Professor Penaluna, Director of UWTSD’s International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (IICED), has helped to lead on new guidance on enterprise and entrepreneurship, both in the UK and in Europe. He has worked closely with The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), an independent, not for profit organisation aimed at safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education wherever it is delivered around the world. He chaired their 2017 - 18 review and led the development of new their national guidance.

Roger Maidment, Dean of Faculty of Business and Management noted : "Professor Penaluna’s work on behalf of UWTSD pays testament to the University’s commitment to making enterprise education an integral part of its learning and teaching strategy. Enterprise education is critical in developing graduate competencies to meet the demands of future employers. It’s also the foundation for stimulating graduate start-ups; particularly appropriate in Global Entrepreneurship week.”

This new report aims to inform the government about the successes, challenges and opportunities for delivering enterprise education at universities. It recommendations are based on responses to a Call for Evidence and aim to work with the grain of the latest thinking and practice.

It states: “Given the calibre of the UK’s higher education sector, it is perhaps to be expected that we punch our weight when it comes to expertise on enterprise education. Many responses to the Call for Evidence specifically lauded the QAA 2012 guidance on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (updated in 2018) as the culmination of years of thinking, which built on previous reports, including, but not exclusively, the APPG for Microbusinesses 2014 Report: An Education System Fit for an Entrepreneur and the Government’s Enterprise for All report, led by Lord Young.”

“…many respondents to the Call for Evidence stressed the importance of the QAA guidance, with ICURe’s submission describing it as a “seminal moment in 2012 when the QAA presented to the UK (and global) community a coherent and rigorous approach to the need for and methods to develop enterprise and entrepreneurial mind-sets in our community.”

Professor Penaluna said: "In 2010 Welsh Government supported an enterprise educator’s conference that culminated in a 5 stage call to governments. One of the calls was to develop a strategy for quality enhancement in education that really delivered; one that guided educators and helped them to future proof the University sector. A few us responded to that call and with the help of Advance HE and under the leadership of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), we came up with a new type of guide that met the demand.”

"Later we were approached by UK Government to consider how all levels of education might benefit from these enterprising types of education. The call came not from educationalists or politicians, but from concerned small businesses who went to government to ask for change, as it was they who were meeting the shortfall head on. We ended up writing the policy paper ‘An Education System fit for an Entrepreneur’, which I was honoured to present to Parliament. It isn’t a report that just sits on a shelf, as can be read here, it is really having an impact.”

"Last year I was lucky enough to chair the national review of the QAA’s document after 5 years of use across the country. What’s great about this report is that it is from the government recognised body who support entrepreneurs and who are entrepreneurs themselves. These people represent all parliamentary parties and focus on the needs, not the politics. They’ve recognised the great strides that have been made. Now that educators and entrepreneurs speak the same language, they have aligned goals and can work in unison to prepare our students for the new world of work.”

Professor Penaluna, through UWTSD’s IICED team, has also been working closely with the Welsh Government’s Curriculum and Pedagogy team, supporting the development of the new curriculum for ‘Successful Futures’.

This is in addition to the work being undertaken by UWTSD’s Yr Athrofa: Institute of Education, which is helping to develop innovative progression frameworks and new models of professional learning.

He said: “It’s a privilege to work with teachers who are so enthused in Wales. Through ‘Successful Futures’ they been given a chance to bring education up to speed, to meet the demands of a world where new jobs are being invented every day, and new ways of working mean that the knowledge of yesterday may no longer suit the needs of tomorrow. Our job was simply to support them through our international experiences, and to add impetus to the ground breaking work that they are developing.”

Professor Penaluna added: “Many of the challenges facing education boil down to a simple question, will we remain focussed on knowledge and continue to test students’ and pupils’ recollection through examinations and essays? Or alternatively, do we redesign education, and extend it to include abilities and competencies? These require different types of evaluation and different types of teachers, ones who can develop creativity, innovation and enterprising values. In UWTSD IICED we have been working with global experts for over a decade on this question, and our leadership has been recognised worldwide.”

Professor Penaluna is pictured with Jon Powell, Chair of Enterprise Educators UK.


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