Celebrating Traditional Arts Practice


Appreciation of traditional craft skills and the history of making are core values shared by both The Prince’s Foundation, School of Traditional Arts and UWTSD's Swansea College of Art Glass Department. This emphasis on tradition and craft skills enables specialist hand craft and making to continue to grow and flourish in a changing world of technology.

Following a recent Swansea staff visit to the Prince’s Foundation and discussion regarding these similarities it seemed natural for Tristan Leicester (a post graduate student specialising in glass) to come and visit the Architectural and Stained Glass department at Swansea and enjoy the specialist facilities and staff expertise available.

As one of the of the only Universities in the UK to specialise in Architectural and Stained Glass, Swansea has happily welcomed Tristan to the department and enjoyed his enthusiasm and love of stained glass. Despite a long commute from London to Swansea, Tristan has regularly attended our specialist glass painting and stained-glass classes and has been wonderfully committed using the opportunity to enhance his skills and gain additional expertise and knowledge.

Tristan Leicester said: “My mind has certainly been nourished by what I’ve learned during my time in the glass department at the Swansea School of Art. I’m grateful for all those who have made it possible for me to be there over this period and for the generosity and friendliness of all the staff and students it’s been my pleasure to come into contact with.  There’s a lot involved with learning stained glass.  It’s been ideal therefore to study it in separate stages each week beginning with cutting then creating textures with glass paint followed by matting, tracing, staining, leading, soldering and finally cementing.

"Each stage is an art form in itself. In order to make any headway it has been necessary to break things down into simple steps and direct practice towards specific goals.  I feel that the skills I’ve been introduced to provide me with a good grounding on which to base further practice in the medium, like a foothold at the bottom of a tall ladder. The biggest things I’ve learned are to always analyse my mistakes and never accept second best."

Swansea’s glass programme director Catherine Brown said: “It's been a pleasure to welcome Tristan to the department to develop our relationship with the Prince’s Foundation in new ways. We look forward to seeing how his experiences at Swansea have helped towards developing his own unique practice and future postgraduate research.”



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