Circular Economy Club hold special events at UWTSD’s Carmarthen Business School and the Swansea based Construction Wales Innovation Centre (CWIC)


This week, the South West Wales branch of the Circular Economy Club held a special event and screening at UWTSD’s Carmarthen Business School.

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The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is an international network of over 3,100 circular economy professionals and organizations from over 100 countries.  During the event, held at the University’s Carmarthen Business School, a screening of the world’s first feature-length documentary film about the circular economy, entitled ‘Closing The Loop’, was shown to the audience. 

The documentary provides a range of examples and insights for our global society and the environment including what we make, buy, consume, throw away, recycle and reuse. The film also advocates how an economy can be moved to a more circular approach through meaningful change. By keeping resources at their highest value for longer, the film provokes solutions to the problems we and future generations will face imminently and in the future.  Following the screening, the audience had the opportunity to discuss the film with an invited panel, including Adrian Matthews, Circular Economy Club organizer and consultant at EFT, Dr Ben Reynolds from Urban Foundry, Dr Sandra Dettmer, Economics lecturer at UWTSD and Ade Sobola, a student at Carmarthen Business School.  The event was chaired by Dawn Lyle from 4theregion.

The University’s ‘Rethinking Business for a Changing World’ initiative has set out on a mission to change the nature of Business as a discipline in Higher Education. Two years ago, UWTSD’s Carmarthen Business School began with a clean sheet of paper to design a series of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which are underpinned by sustainable and ethical and responsible thinking. Within each module, students study an aspect of business through a sustainability lens which draws from the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

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Dr Louise Emanuel, Programme Director for BA Business and Management on the University’s Carmarthen Campus said:

“Carmarthen Business School were delighted to host the screening of the Circular Economy Club’s ‘Closing the Loop’ documentary. It was a really engaging afternoon with some really positive discussion about how we can start to address the principles of the circular economy more widely within our region.  It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage with external organisations and discuss the practical application of the underlying concepts of their Business and Management programme.  We look forward to collaborating with the Circular Economy Club more in the future.

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The South West Wales branch of the Circular Economy Club also held a meeting at UWTSD’s Construction Wales Innovation Centre, the previous day. Members were welcomed to the University by Barry Liles, OBE, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Skills and Lifelong Learning.  The panel for this event was chaired by Dawn Lyle (4theRegion) and included Dr Adrian Rabey (The British Training Board), Dr Tyra Oseng-Rees (Oseng-Rees Reflection) and Julia Chesney-Roberts (Riversimple).  Barry Liles OBE said:

The University is pleased to be associated with and support the activity of the Circular Economy Club in the region. We believe that the adoption of current and emerging principles of the circular economy will provide significant benefit to the University, it’s students and stakeholders. As a key public sector organisation in the region, the University is well positioned to share its learning with other organisations in order to cascade the benefits wider and to impact, positively, upon the local economy.”

EFT Consult, a specialist in building services design consultancy and the implementation of the principles of the circular economy, officially launched the Swansea branch of the Circular Economy Club in November 2018.  Adrian Matthews, Circular Economy consultant at EFT, added:

“After the film screenings, I was blown away by the energy and passion in the room. In Wales, it is clear the guiding principles of a socially-minded circular economy has the ability to couple like-minded communities together in order to deliver on the aims and objectives of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 now and in the future”

“Normalising circular economy practices through effective storytelling needs to be supported by an education, training and job system that recognises the importance of creating a truly ethical & responsible circular economy that works for everyone and is truly self-sustainable in practice - economically, environmentally, socially & culturally”

“I’m really glad to hear the students enjoyed their 1st Circular Economy Club screening session and I now look forward to organising follow up sessions after the Easter Break.”

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