Enterprising UWTSD Computing students pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of experts at TechStars 2019


Students from University of Wales Trinity Saint David's School of Applied Computing have presented their enterprising and innovative ideas to a panel of judges at Swansea’s Tech Hub.

The TechStars Innovation Competition 2019, was organised by UWTSD Senior Lecturer James Williams who teaches the School’s Enterprise and Innovation Group Project module. The competition enables students within the School of Applied Computing to form inter-disciplinary teams and pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of experts from industry. Teams consist of students from multiple programmes including Applied Computing, Business Information Systems, Web Development, Computer Games Development, Computer Networks & Cyber Security and Software Engineering. The panel of experts included: Ann Swift, Enterprise Manager for the Welsh Government, Guy Wendon, Business Development Manager from module & event sponsor Alacrity and Paul Harwood co-founder of TechHub Swansea.

James Williams said: “TechStars is a fantastic learning experience for our students - enabling and supporting them to discover and unleash their potential, develop enterprising innovation and employability skills and pitch their innovative business ideas to an expert panel.”


The TechStars Innovation Champions 2019 Award sponsored by Alacrity was awarded to team ‘Version ZERO’ consisting of Richard Davies, Dylan Evans, James Millns, Austin Hooper, Sarann Strange.

The Best prototype Innovation Awards sponsored by IICED The International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development was awarded to Teams LIFE consisting of Helen Frey & Julie Millard and Team EEST: Nicholas Jones.

The Best Tech Start-Up & Business Development report sponsored by Alacrity and selected by Alacrity CEO Dr Will Williams was awarded to Sarann Strange.

James said: “This exciting event highlighted some of the very innovative ideas that our students can produce, many of which were commercially viable propositions.”

Fellow judge Anne Swift added: “It was my pleasure to attend TechStars once again. It is a great event giving students the opportunity to develop and practice their entrepreneurial skills within their course subject.   All of the teams presented innovative business opportunities as well as some really viable products that could be taken forward into real businesses.  I hope the event has opened up the students eyes to the possibility of starting their own business one day as well as highlighting how they could use the skills to identify opportunities for future employers.”

Guy Wendon, Head of Business Development at Alacrity said: “The Alacrity Foundation is a charity that helps to nurture and create the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. We recognise the value of innovation in academia and were delighted to sponsor the 2019 Techstars competition. James and his team have supported a fantastic group of students from a variety of disciplines to create some cutting-edge technical innovation. We are excited to continue to work with UWTSD."

Kath Penaluna, Associate Professor in Enterprise Education at UWTSD said: “The ingenuity and creativity of our students never ceases to amaze me.  Their curiosity and capacity for spotting opportunities is something we know will put them in good stead for their future careers. What drives IICED is that simple fact, and our international research activities helps us to learn how to continuously improve – so that we can fully support our students in their creative endeavours.”

James added: “We would also like to add special thanks to the module and event’s main sponsor the Alacrity Foundation represented by Guy Wendon. And also special acknowledgement and thanks to the module and event’s other sponsors & supporters: TechHub Swansea represented by co-founder Paul Harwood and IICED The International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development.”

Note to Editor

Idea: Doggogo Animal Well-being System - Pet fitness and Health tracker
Team Version Zero created ‘Doggogo’ - an animal well-being system that included a pet health tracker for physical and mental well-being. "Doggogo is a phone application and device pair that will allow dog owners to better care for their dog. The device is a small cuboid that clips onto the collar of the dog. The phone application gives tailored recommendations based on the breed of the dog, for example; giving walk distance recommendations which would be higher for a husky as opposed to a Chihuahua. The device is GPS enabled and relays the live location of the dog to the application, this can be used to alert the owner if the dog escapes the property. The phone application can also store reminders for the dog including de-worm/flea reminders and vet appointments. The application will store the health progress of the dog and will have a review section which will be useful for vet appointments." Team Version ZERO.

Team Name: LIFE

Idea: An App that reacts to abnormal parameters in heart-rate temperature and body functions by sending a text to pre-arranged contact/contacts alerting them to the event using a Smart watch and Smart phone. Description: A Health App that connects to a Smart watch. The smart watch will monitor pulse, temperature and blood pressure. The app will be able to monitor these parameters. Should these parameters be more than ‘x’ above or below that person’s normal then it will send a message to a contact (pre-entered into its database) saying that there may be a problem with this person, and it is then for them to telephone and/or react accordingly.

Name: Nicholas Jones

Business Name: Educational, Electronics & Science, Technologies. (EEST).

Brief description: Design and create educational products geared towards electronics and sciences, these products can include environmental aspects such as weather monitoring, emissions, light, noise and water, also other electronic based kits such as ultrasonic sound measuring.


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