Faith and Finitude Conference to be held at UWTSD’s Lampeter campus


Does God exist? Are we heading for environmental crisis and extinction? These and more of life’s big questions will be considered at a conference to be hosted by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David at its Lampeter campus on August 1st and 2nd.

Faith and Finitude Conference

Students will be encouraged to swop ideas from a range of subjects including religious studies, philosophy, history and Sinology. Graduates and post graduates will take part in the event called ‘Faith and Finitude’ but attendance on 1st-2nd August is open to everybody.

Dr Rebekah Humphreys said, “The idea is that the conference will try to integrate different subjects in the humanities. It’s important for students to get the chance to present ideas to people outside their own disciplines. They’ll have the opportunity to talk about their interests in a way which is accessible to all, engaging not just other students or fellow academics but also the general public.

“Many of the ideas students in the humanities will be talking and writing about will hinge on those of their peers. If they exchange knowledge with each other it can only make their own views more robust. It gives an opportunity to answer criticisms, to meet challenges and see what’s good or bad about their own viewpoints.”

“Students will have the opportunity to develop essential skills,” continues Dr Humphreys.  “Post graduate study, for example isn’t just about gaining a degree. There’s a lot more to being a post graduate than just getting an MA or a Phd.

“The conference will address issues to do with knowledge, belief and faith that all hinge together and link to big questions like arguments for the existence of God, environmental crisis and extinction. There’ll be discussion about how far our knowledge extends in a world in which we are bombarded by lots of false information on the internet.”

There’ll be contributions from students involved in anthropology, creative writing, English literature, classics, and archaeology. Other big questions under discussion will include the concept of faith, interfaith dialogues, the new materialisms, issues in theology and the problem of suffering. Presentations will take place in the historic Old Hall and Founder’s Library on UWTSD’s Lampeter campus.

For further information about the conference, please visit or contact Dr Rebekah Humphreys by emailing

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For further information, please contact Sian-Elin Davies by emailing / 01267 676908 / 07449 998476