Graduation Success for Environmental Conservation Student


Ella Wilkinson is graduating today with a BSc degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) in Swansea.

Ella Wilkinson

The course, taught at UWTSD’s new IQ building in Swansea teaches students how to effectively manage wildlife and habitats as well as how to appreciate the role of governance and social benefits in decision making. Students are also given opportunity to study the environment from a multi-disciplined perspective enabling them to become true ambassadors for environmental conservation in the future.

Talking about why she decided to study the course, Ella said: I believe passionately in a better world where human equity and dignity is achieved in harmony with our natural environment. Climate Change is the biggest issue facing my generation, and I wanted to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for bringing about a just transition to a circular, carbon neutral economy where resources are shared fairly and with compassion.”

Ella praised the University on the quality of teaching and opportunities she’s had over the last three years, “The experience of studying at UWTSD has been life-affirming as well as educational, throughout my course I have been provided with opportunities, contacts and experiences to pursue, not least of all volunteering, conferences and guest speakers, part-time (and now full time!) employment and a can-do attitude towards reducing environmental degradation.”

“The course has helped me achieve this by helping me gain perspective on a range of environmental and development issues and highlighted how they intersect with each other. Our unsustainable resource use, changing climate, growth-based economy and unjust society are bound up with each other and to address any one of these issues we must also mitigate against the others. The diverse experience and knowledge of my lecturers played a big part in helping me realise this, and they've facilitated my learning throughout my degree by promoting me to think holistically and consider the human as well as the environmental impact. Practical skills and real-life applications were a core part of my studies, with carefully chosen fieldwork and site visits enabling me to apply my learning to the real world,” adds Ella.

Ellie has been successful in securing herself a job, and is excited to begin her role as a Campaigns and Movement Building Coordinator at People and Planet.

“The degree has undoubtedly helped with my career and I now find myself in the very lucky position of being in full-time employment just a few short weeks after finishing my exams. As a Campaigns & Movement Building Coordinator at People & Planet I will be supporting students to challenge their institutions to be more ethical and globally responsible, something very close to my heart.”

Having taught Ella for the last three years, Lara Hopkinson, Programme Director of Environmental Conservation degree programme is delighted with Ella’s achievements.

“Ella has been a delight to teach and know for the past few years,” says Laura

“Not only has she been active in her studies, but she has also played a key part in the UWTSD Environment Society, as well as wider volunteering and obtaining an internship that assisted with her dissertation work.  In addition, she has been active with the Students’ Union and People and Planet, leading to her securing a job prior to graduation that will see her able to return and campaign within the university in the coming year.”

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