‘LoveLustLonging’ - New exhibition challenges artistic conventions


Renowned international artist Professor Sue Williams, is set to open her first solo exhibition in over a decade in Northern Ireland.  ‘LoveLustLonging’, which opens at the Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast on Thursday 18 April, sees Sue reflect the sense of a society perpetuating its own fear. The works deal with the saturation of mediation and the frailty of the self in response to a bombardment of images.

In her work, Sue Williams, who is a Professor of Fine Art at UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art, explores the nature of sexuality and our relationships with our own bodies and those of our lovers. Through work which combines drawing, painting and collage, Williams challenges the tradition of idealised nude painting, presenting the realities of the body, sexual identity and health. Her work is often installed in a “notice-board” format, challenging artistic conventions.

Sue Williams’ visceral voice is provocative - articulating the complexities of human relationships and being a woman in a contemporary cultural context. Williams’ auto-ethnographic practice, using both visual and textual gestures, demonstrates a vulnerability which invariably challenges taboos and provokes responses. She captures the accumulation and ephemeral experience of time and shares the human experience and the nuance and sensation of what is real and unreal, perceived and experienced in our contemporary daily lives. 

“Through my work I find my voice” she says “It speaks my thoughts and actions, it responds to the 'stuff of life' and is capable of challenging and provoking responses. I have a sense of responsibility to communicate about issues both public and private as they all convey the hidden and complex shadows of humanity. 

“I look forward to exhibiting in Golden Thread Gallery Belfast, particularly with Director Peter Richards whom I have the greatest regard for as a curator.”


A prominent international artist, Sue Williams has a recognised body of work and an exhibition history of both solo and group shows on five continents. She continues to challenge and explore new concepts and multi-disciplinary art forms offering a direct response to the complex world of human frailty, drawing the viewer into a world of provocative sexual and emotional politics. 

For information on the courses Sue teaches at UWTSD:  https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/art-design/fine-art/

For information on LoveLustLonging:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2154765587936951/?event_time_id=2154765604603616?ti=icl