UWTSD graduate's company produces Rugby World Cup coverage for S4C


Carys Owens, a graduate of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and owner of production company Lens 360, is preparing for an extremely exciting autumn – documenting Wales’ journey during this year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Carys Owens

As the Managing Director of Lens 360 – a creative production company based at Canolfan S4C Yr Egin in Carmarthen - Carys is currently busy working in Japan finalising the preparations for the Rugby World Cup 2019 TV and online coverage for S4C.  

Lens 360’s coverage will include the opening ceremony, the first game, Wales’ group games as well as the World Cup final. Lens 360 is also producing the content for WRU TV and the Welsh Rugby Union’s digital channels.

“2019 is our biggest year for us as a company,” said Carys Owens. “Obviously, it's a huge thing for us that some of our team are going out with the squad and travelling around Japan with the Welsh Rugby Union – but we are also collaborating with the production company, Whisper on the Rugby World Cup coverage for S4C which is a huge step for us as a company.  

“We’ll be working out in Japan while another crew will be back in Wales also working on the programmes.  We are also still producing Rygbi Pawb and the programme continues throughout the autumn so there will be plenty of rugby between September and November – when we’ll also be there for the World Cup final.”

Lens 360 is a creative content production company that also offers a social media management service. Carys launched the company back in 2016 following the birth of her son, Efan.

“I found out as I pregnant and started thinking about how I’d be able to continue working as a freelancer; thinking about how I was going to juggle travel and work and being with the family, so I made the decision to set up a Lens 360,” continues Carys.  “I was working from home to start with - on my own - picking up small projects and using freelance staff that I had worked with before but before we know it, a couple of large projects came in.

“These opportunities came up and I couldn’t say no to them - and perhaps one of the biggest opportunities was having the chance to work with the Welsh Rugby Union. That was a big step for me on my own and the company grew quite quickly from there.  By now we are a team of 6 full time staff, a couple of part time staff and we have a large pool of freelancers working with us on projects like Rygbi Pawb for S4C.”

Although Carys now works with major companies and international brands like the Welsh Rugby Union, Under Armour and Admiral, the company’s very much rooted in Carmarthenshire.  So when the opportunity came to move into Canolfan S4C Yr Egin - a stunning new creative centre located on the campus of the University where she – it was too good an opportunity to miss.

“It was important for me to stay in the County,” said Carys. “We’ve spent a lot of time living on the M4 travelling a lot so the opportunity to move to Yr Egin was perfect for us.  I think people get a bit of a shock to hear that a lot of the rugby content they are watching is being produced in Carmarthenshire in Yr Egin.  It’s also giving young people a platform and making them realise that there’s no need to move to a city to work in the media – that there are opportunities with companies like us – but not just with us at Lens 360.  There are several of us here on the second floor of Yr Egin working on everything from websites, apps, digital and educational projects – as well as opportunities for new businesses to develop with the Hwb.”

Yr Egin

With a new home at Yr Egin on the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Carmarthen campus, Carys is delighted to be able to come back to her roots and to work in the same place that the seeds of Lens 360 were sown.

“As part of the course at UWTSD, I studied an Enterprise and Business module – we really enjoyed it and had to think of a business plan. Ironically, I created a production company called Lens 360 – and who would have thought that perhaps one day I would need to look back at that Enterprise and Business module and think how am I going to do this myself?

“During my first year at University, I thought I would want to be on the screen or performing but I really enjoyed being behind the camera and editing, so I decided to follow a career path in the media – behind the camera and not in front of it!  

“Sometimes I look out of the window in Yr Egin and look over to the University and think that over there – just across the road – is where it all started.”

For further information on Lens 360, please visit http://lens360.cymru/

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And for more information on Yr Egin – the new creative and digital centre on UWTSD’s Carmarthen campus – please visit https://yregin.cymru

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