Conference will explore innovative ways to fuel post-Covid recovery in Wales


A new conference hosted by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s (UWTSD’s) Carmarthen Business School will explore alternative strategies for post-Covid economic and social recovery in Wales.

Carmarthen Campus

The Business Carmarthen: Post Covid Wales Event, takes place online on Wednesday, March 10 from 1pm to 4pm and is open to all.

Speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds will give their perspectives on what post-Covid recovery could look like. Topics include the role that entrepreneurs can play, how One Planet Governance could provide the perfect solution for those in rural communities, and how “no-box thinking” can stimulate alternative approaches to contemporary challenges.

The first speaker, David Thorpe, is founder/director of the One Planet Centre and co-founder/patron of the One Planet Council. He works as a consultant, project manager and inspirational speaker in the fields of rural and urban sustainability, energy management and renewable energy.

The second speaker, Dinah Liversidge, helps people go from “thinking outside the box”, to “no-box thinking”. She believes this approach has enabled her to overcome several serious health challenges, not least a road accident that resulted in eleven years in a wheelchair, and major heart surgery in 2013.

The final speaker, Dr Ben Reynolds, is the founder and director of creative regeneration agency Urban Foundry. His approach uses creative thinking combined with a strong theoretical understanding and entrepreneurial thinking to solve a range of problems, from small community initiatives to nationwide schemes and programmes.

The event is being run by Jessica Shore, programme manager at Carmarthen Business School, with assistance from a team of student volunteers.

One of the volunteers, Christine Joy, is studying for studying for a BA Hons in Business and Management and was motivated to get involved because she is due to launch her own small business.

“I am keen to increase my knowledge and experience within PR and marketing and hope to gain experience of putting together events and promotions, as well as expanding upon my networking sources,” she said.

Another volunteer, Peter Todorov, who is also studying for a BA Hons in Business and Management, decided to take part in order to gain experience in organising an event.

“My role in the conference is the technology aspect which includes the setting up of the event on Microsoft teams and dealing with any technical issues that may arise prior and during the event,” he said.

“I hope to gain a better understanding of working as part of a team and of how Wales may recover in a post COVID world through sustainable living, exploring ideas “outside the box” and creative regeneration.”

Jessica Shore added: “Covid has hugely impacted upon the people of Wales. Moving forward is crucial and embracing alternative strategies could provide us with new solutions. Our undergraduate programmes here in Carmarthen are underpinned by sustainability and the ability to react to the ever-changing world of business is at the heart of our offering. How Wales will recover from the pandemic is important to all of us, and our expert guest speakers will introduce their initiatives and discuss their relevance moving forward. 

“The conference will offer delegates the opportunity to apply some of the initiatives discussed in the conference to their own businesses, communities and lives. Key areas are entrepreneurial recovery, the principles of One Planet Governance and no box thinking.

We hope delegates enjoy the presentations and discussions and take something away in terms of the approach to the recovery in Wales post-pandemic.”

To join the event please sign up here:

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