Final year Sports Therapy students all graduate with first class honours


Final year BSc Sports Therapy students from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) are celebrating their success having all recently graduated with first class honours degrees.

Sports Therapy students / Myfyrwyr Therapi Chwaraeon

UWTSD's Sports Therapy graduates.

When lockdown began, final year Sports Therapy students at UWTSD’s Carmarthen campus had only just started their final practical module in Sports Trauma Management.

Many of the students were looking forward to starting new roles in the areas of sport and exercise therapy while others were awaiting their grades so they could confirm their places on postgraduate courses. So, with the country in lockdown, staff and students worked together to ensure that they complete their degree programme in a safe and secure environment.

“It was an incredibly anxious time for students; we simply did not know how long lockdown would go on for and what would happen with the outstanding module. What we did know was that this module was stopping students from completing their degree and starting on their next chapter,” said Dr Kate Williams, Sports Therapy Programme Director at UWTSD.

“As a result, staff moved all the theory content online with evening lectures via Microsoft Teams. A risk assessment was submitted to the university requesting permission to return to the classroom to deliver the practical elements and with the amazing support of the estates team and the campus porters, this was approved. As a result I, along with Module Leader, Dan Martin and lecturer Charley Keen were able to finish teaching the module.

Safety was paramount and the University ensured that there were stringent checks put in place to ensure the wellbeing of staff and students.  The first day of teaching coincided with an easing of travel restrictions in Wales which allowed staff and students to travel to campus.

“Prior to leaving their houses, students submitted an online questionnaire regarding symptoms and arrived on campus at staggered times.  They were then temperature and symptom checked before being admitted to the building. Staff and students were given training on how to don and doff PPE and were required to wear a mask, visor, full apron and gloves for all sessions,” continues Kate.

But even with the challenge of teaching in full personal protective equipment, the staff and students agree that it was definitely worth the effort.

“We were able to deliver the practical sessions and also complete the assessment for the module,” adds Charley Keen, Sports Therapy lecturer at UWTSD.

“We are happy to report that all students passed the module too which was an amazing achievement given the circumstances”.

The students were delighted to have been given the opportunity to complete their practical module and finish their degree – all gaining first class honours degrees.

“I think it's safe to say I never thought I would be capable of completing a University degree let alone during a global pandemic,” said Sports Therapy graduate, Rebecca Parry.

“I'd heard that you can make some great memories during your time in university and I can say that it was an experience. I most certainly will never forget having to learn and complete the final stretch of the university degree with full PPE. It was hot, sweaty, and a challenge but 100% worth it for the outcome. I can't thank the staff at UWTSD enough for the help and encouragement throughout. I really feel that they helped to keep me calm and confident during the exam period.”

Sara Gray, another UWTSD Sports Therapy graduate is grateful to the staff for enabling the students to complete their practical studies on campus.

“When the opportunity came to continue our face to face studies amidst the pandemic, I was relived and incredibly grateful of the effort made by our lecturers to allow us back on campus. The PPE took a bit of getting used to, but learning to work with it and having a better understanding of the precautions that need to be taken due to COVID-19 has given us additional skills and knowledge which we can take into the working world given the current climate.”

Dr Kate Williams is so proud of the students’ achievements and the way in which they’ve responded to the changes to their course delivery.

“The students’ response to dealing with this crisis has been excellent,” adds Kate.  “This was the final module of their degree, which is pressure enough for any student, but to add the COVID-19 pandemic on top created an exceptional situation. The fact that these students still managed to create online and socially distanced study groups allowing themselves to practice and study together is a testament to their attitude and resilience. We are all so very proud of them and we wish them all the best for the future”.

As the only Sports Therapy degree in Wales accredited by the Society of Sports Therapists, this programme is designed to educate competent practitioners in all aspects of Sports Therapy.  Planning is now well underway for delivery of courses for the next academic year and it is likely that the PPE requirements will remain in place for the sessions starting on campus in September.

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