Master's student celebrates prestigious Spitfire Audio Scholarship


UWTSD and Tileyard Education are delighted to announce that Spitfire Audio have awarded music producer and Master's student Gary Keane with a full scholarship award to cover his masters fees this year.

UWTSD and Tileyard Education are delighted to announce that Spitfire Audio have awarded music producer and Masters student Gary Keane with a full scholarship award to cover his masters fees this year.

Spitfire Audio are renowned for their incredible composer libraries. They are a British music technology company that specialise in sounds: sample libraries, virtual instruments and other integral software devices. They collaborate with the best composers, artists and engineers in the world to build musical tools that sound great and are exciting to use, with libraries enable students to perform and compose within DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), offering thousands of sounds at their fingertips for endless inspiration. 

UWTSD students in London have the opportunity to work in the well-equipped postgraduate and professional education centre, based at Tileyard London, King’s Cross, developing and refining their practice with teaching and mentoring by some of the most significant figures in today’s music industry.  

This year, Spitfire Audio has chosen Gary Keane to be awarded for the full scholarship award. Gary was quoted as a “clear winner” based on his personal statement resonating with Christian Henson and Paul Thomson who made the decision together.

Spitfire Audio are passionate about inspiring the next generation of composers and producers and are looking forward to supporting Gary financially and physically. Spitfire Audio have already had their first meeting with Gary and will welcome him into their HQ at Tileyard London to get involved in marketing, events and other areas Gary is keen to know more about.

Gary said: “I can’t believe it, I’m so grateful to Spitfire who are an incredible company not just for their sounds, but for their ethos.”

Gary is a songwriter, producer and mix engineer from Ireland who has also toured the world as a session musician. Gary made his decision to move to London in 2019 after attending ‘Mix with The Masters’ in France with Greg Wells, he was inspired to put his focus 100% back into music creation.

He added: “I am a relentless collaborator and am fascinated by people’s stories. I’m Irish, so I talk a lot, which doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to help the artist tell their story. I am also a lover of recorded sound, and how it can represent a certain emotion, allowing the listener to feel it too. It feels like a sort of alchemy”.

Gary said his year at Tileyard so far has been about: “Meeting (annoying) as many talented people as I can while at the same time collaborating with producers, songwriters, artists and rappers.”

He has just finished up a project producing and mixing two re-imagined works for the artist Donovan and is working with several artists based at Tileyard with tracks due for release later this year.

He added: “I have been extremely fortunate to have been awarded bursaries from Spitfire Audio and have lots of plans to work together with them in the future.”

If you’d like to hear some of Gary’s music, check out ’Shadows’ by G Kaye on Spotify, and give the page a follow, to stay up to date with new releases as they come out this year!

Follow Gary here.

Follow Spitfire Audio here.


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