Stay fit, bright and healthy with new online courses from UWTSD Confucius Institute


The UWTSD Confucius Institute is launching a new series of free, live streamed courses in Qigong for health and well-being, Chinese language, and Chinese art and crafts.

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During these challenging days of home-working and in many instances, self-isolation, the new courses offer everyone the opportunity to explore new areas of learning, take personal health into their own hands, and get some light relief from the daily news.

With health very much on everyone’s mind, Qigong is an ancient branch of Chinese Traditional Medicine that works on the body’s energetic system to maintain and enhance health. The new online course starts with the Lung Benefiting Qigong Exercise and is offered twice weekly in English and Chinese. The exercise has been developed by UWTSD’s partner, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (JUTCM) in conjunction with staff from UWTSD’s Chinese Studies.  It is designed specifically to help people build up their immune system, and to enhance physical and mental resilience. Regular practice of the Lung Benefiting Qigong exercise helps to unblock meridians, tendons and vessels, and especially strengthens the Lung meridian. It’s a wonderful exercise to help us stay healthy and energized, and with its simple movements can be practised by young and old.

For families looking for engaging activities for school children at home, the Chinese Culture courses include the Legends of China – fantastic stories mixed with real history and facts, and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Chinese dragons. Festivals in Chinese Art and Crafts introduces Chinese paper cutting and 3D models, starting with the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and cards, spring animals and flowers, and later, explores other fun topics such as giant pandas and lanterns. For secondary school students and adults, the Historic Codes of Chinese Culture is a weekly talk and interactive session that unlocks a wealth of information buried in the coded symbols of Chinese culture, and examines their historic roots. What are China’s creation myths? Who were the Dragon descendants? And the emergence of protoscience and technology from agrarian society.

All courses are easily accessible through the Zoom platform.

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The Confucius Institute aims to foster a better understanding of Chinese culture and language by providing opportunities for educational and cultural exchange.  Based at UWTSD and in schools throughout mid and south Wales, the Confucius Institute offers a range of language courses to enable learners of all ages to gain qualifications in Chinese that are relevant to the world of work and can also lead to scholarships for study in China.

The Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong Health Studies at UWTSD is involved in medical research into the positive effects of traditional Chinese well-being practices such as Qigong on health, and their use in a variety of chronic conditions.  The Centre promotes a range of educational programmes concerned with personal and social well-being and harmony, and their role in nurturing more cohesive, healthier and happier communities.