STEM Online Graduation Showcase to launch on July 16th


Graduating students in Computing, Engineering and Construction and Environmental courses from UWTSD’s Wales Institute of Science and Art (WISA) will showcase their final year projects via a digital platform on July 16th.

Graduating students in Computing, Engineering and Construction and Environmental courses from UWTSD’s Wales Institute of Science and Art (WISA) will showcase their final year projects via a digital platform on July 16.

Replacing the event usually held at UWTSD’s £350 million SA1 Swansea Waterfront campus, it is an invaluable opportunity for those students to present their work to industrial experts, gather invaluable feedback and help in creating job opportunities via an online forum.

The online STEM show includes videos and interviews, with awards for best projects to students who have inspired their lecturers with imaginative and progressive projects, finding solutions to real-world industry problems.

A specially created website, which will go live on July 16, will showcase the students work, videos and interviews from their final year in Computing, Engineering Built and Environmental Conservation.

Dr Kapilan Radhakrishnan, Academic Director, Applied Computing said: “The end of year degree show gives our students an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, competence and skills they acquired over the course of three years at the University. It is a celebration of their achievements and showcases their final piece of work to professionals, and potential future employers. This event marks an end of their university life, transitioning from a student to a professional, embarking on their career path with confidence. For us, it is the proudest moment of our role as a lecturer to see our students complete their journey, and they will always be part of our Applied Computing family.”

Professor Rhian Jenkins, Reader and Programme Director Environmental Conservation said: “At this end of year degree show, we wish to congratulate our environmental graduates on all their hard work and for showcasing their brilliance.  We would also like to take this opportunity to wish our continuing students similar congratulations, and to enjoy the summer break before joining us again in the autumn. Our Environmental Conservation cohorts are amazing, hardworking and a pleasure to teach, and have fully embraced and adapted to the changing teaching methods employed recently. They work well together across year groups, exemplifying how close knit our course is.  We are extremely proud of you all and thank you for being part of the 'Natural' family.”

Dr Greg Owen, Academic Director at WISA said: “Our students are now reaching not just the end of their academic year but the end of their degrees.  The end of year show is a fantastic opportunity for our students to share their project and achievements with industry professionals and potential employers.  We are very proud of the work our students have produced especially given the additional difficulties of the current pandemic. We look forward to celebrating this time with them and wish them the very best in their future careers!”

Here are just some of the students who will be exhibiting their work:

Matt Morga

Matt joined The BSc Environmental Conservation course as a mature student, looking to change direction.  Originally from Poland, but relocated to Swansea, his enthusiasm and positivity was in evidence from the start.  His work ethic was strong, he was not afraid to query things, and has always been in receipt of excellent marks.  His dissertation topic was based on phytoremediation of contaminated land, using a real-life research area that has been studied by UWTSD for the past 10 years.  His work was excellently researched and analysed, and will be used to develop a publication of this ongoing study in the near future. 

Marie West, BSc Environmental Conservation

 “Marie joined UWTSD in September 2017. Initially on a HND, she has worked consistently hard and will be graduating with a degree this year.  Marie’s academic journey was full of challenges, from school through to Higher Education, but she is absolute proof that where there is the will to succeed, this will happen.  For her dissertation topic, she investigated coastal erosion on the Isle of Sheppey.  After hand in, a significant cliff fall occurred in one of the investigated areas, showing relevance to her work.  We are so proud of how well Marie has done, and look forward to welcoming her back to complete her Masters study with us in the near future.

Shahram Sharifi

Shahram joined the university having previously studied law in Iran. He was one of the hardest working students, who is also polite and very considerate. His work ethics is amply showcased by the leadership qualities he showed in group projects. At UWTSD, Shahram studied Civil Engineering, and selected to study non-destructive testing techniques for concrete for individual research project (dissertation). Under the guidance of Professor Peter Charlton, who is a leading researcher in the UK on non-destructive testing technology and Dr Juan Ferriz-Papi, Shahram studied the use of Piezoelectric Transducers in determining the strength of concrete. From start to the finish Shahram was methodical and diligent in his approach to the research, which resulted in exciting outcomes from the project. This technique has the potential to be further developed for in-situ testing of concrete on site at commercial levels. Shahram showed commendable perseverance and hard work in completing his BSc in Civil Engineering at the UWTSD, especially in a language that he didn’t speak well when arriving in this country.        

Nathan Hunt

Nathan has been a part-time Civil Engineering student at the university for the last 5 years, and is graduating this year. Throughout his time at university he has produced high quality assignments and course work, no doubt backed-up by the exposure he had in the construction industry. For his individual research project (dissertation) Nathan looked at the competency claims of industry operatives and is proposing a novel approach to rectify certain deficiencies he identified. From his first-hand knowledge from working in the industry, Nathan argues that the current schemes of training and certification gives less importance to the maintenance of the skills gained. UWTSD hopes that his ideas will be picked up by the construction industry, which currently has severe skills shortages around the country. Nathan completed his research at the UWTSD in completing his BSc in Civil Engineering under tremendous personal and work pressures presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.     

David MiglioratiN'Doua

David said he chose his course because of his great passion for motorcycles, engineering and design. He has found that in BEng Motorcycle Engineering there is a great balance between technical/practical and theoretical aspects.  Lecturers were impressed with his dedication and work ethic that prompted him to purchase his own 3D printer so he could complete his final year project from home.


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