UWTSD graduate celebrates success in Computing


Nathan Buller is celebrating completing a BSc in Computing at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD).

Nathan Buller is celebrating completing a BSc in Computing at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD).

Nathan uses a wheelchair and can control his computer mouse with chin movements by reflective dots that are controlled from a Smartnav 4 camera. The university made special adaptations to enable him to attend classes and is now equipped to cater for other students with similar needs. Nathan’s lecturers say they are proud of his achievements, which are testament to his commitment, strength of character and people skills.

“Nathan’s a real people person, a very hard worker and good with technology – he has a real enthusiasm for it and has now become an expert on technology accessibility,” says lecturer Sue Maw.

Nathan used his unique insights to help with his degree project, which focused on making airline websites more accessible and flexible for disabled travellers.  

“His work was excellent – he built a more accessible airline website,” says Sue, who has known Nathan since he completed his HND at the university – an achievement that won him a standing ovation.

Nathan said he decided to join the degree course as he wanted to push his studies further. “UWTSD guaranteed they would provide me the best support possible,” he added. “Key highlights have been endless with this university. They include winning a start-up weekend with a group which allowed me to have an insight into how intense a project can be when starting up your own business and working to a tight deadline.”

Nathan also enjoyed managing projects and delivering presentations to classmates, which improved his confidence when speaking in front of the class.

“In addition to gaining more confidence rather than stressing out about speaking in front of people, I have learnt to start tasks early rather than leaving them until last minute,” he said.

“I would like to thank all lecturers and note takers for supporting me throughout the entire course. The key lecturers that I would like to thank are Sue Maw, Kemi Ademoye, Nik Whitehead, Mike Dacey, Gaynor Thomas, Lee Cobley and James Williams for being patient while it took longer to complete tasks plus helping me to fix or reinstall software. I would like to also thank the note taking support staff David Williams, Leezann Davies and Kim for providing excellent support where needed for difficult tasks, for example drawing.”

Nathan now hopes to go on to study for a master’s degree. His course director Bev Holland says he is well equipped to succeed.

“He managed to lead a team, displaying fantastic project management skills – he’s a very good leader and very inspirational to the other students in his group,” she said. “He’s worked very well with his student support team, and his friendliness meant that everyone enjoyed working with him. When I think of Nathan, it’s his abilities that come first.”

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