Academic colleagues from UWTSD’s Lampeter Campus have welcomed the release of a new co-edited book.

Spirituality and Wellbeing book release

Spirituality and Wellbeing, published by Equinox, presents new and recent research focusing on various interdisciplinary approaches to the study of religious experience and health, and includes scholarly contributions from a number of prominent academics.

UWTSD colleagues, Professor Bettina E. Schmidt and Dr Jeff Leonardi, are the co-editors responsible for this new volume. Prof. Schmidt is a professor in the study of religions and anthropology of religion and works primarily on the theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of religions as well as various aspects of contemporary religions. She is the current President of the British Association for Study of Religions. Dr Leonardi, a retired Bishop’s Adviser for Pastoral Care and Counselling, Diocese of Lichfield, is a graduate of the University of East Anglia with a PhD on person-centred approach to Spirituality. His research area is counselling and spirituality in the UK. Among the other contributors are Dr Thomas Jansen, Associate Professor in Chinese Studies, and Dr Lymarie Rodriguez, lecturer in psychology, both at UWTSD.

The new book is divided into four section where the editors introduces the debate on spirituality and wellbeing and give a broad definition of spirituality and show the multifaceted nature of wellbeing and how it is linked to spirituality. Each chapter then reflects on the topic in its unique way, which shows the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. The authors represent a rich breadth of disciplines and bring in a range of perspectives. The chapters also link the debate to various religious traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, Afro-Brazilian religion, Spiritism and even paranormal experiences that will further the reflection on the link between spirituality and wellbeing.

Professor Schmidt explains the motivation behind the new book: “Interest in spirituality and wellbeing is rising. However, research in that area is still lacking, in particular from a non-medical perspective.  This book shows how the relationship between wellbeing and spirituality is studied by a range of disciplines including religious studies, theology, anthropology, psychology and history.

We’re extremely grateful to all of the book’s contributors and are delighted to see it published.” 

Dr Leonardi added: “I’m very pleased with the interest shown in our new book hope that the content will be valuable to those interested in spirituality and wellbeing. We’re very proud of the final output and we’d like to thank Equinox for their support.  We’re aiming to officially launch the book later in the year.”

To find out more about this new publication please visit: https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/spirituality-wellbeing/

Further Information

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