This week, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David hosted the annual Harmony conference at its Lampeter campus.

Harmony Conference 2020 held on Lampeter campus

The conference was organised by the University’s Harmony Institute and brought together students from the fields of Social Justice, Business and Inter-faith.  During the event, students were given an opportunity to hear the thoughts of UWTSD Harmony Professor of Practice, Tony Juniper and Dr Nicholas Campion, Director of UWTSD’s Harmony Institute.

Students from disciplines across the University’s campuses also had an opportunity to present their own ideas and to take part in a Question and Answer sessions with the panel of experts. 

Dr Nicholas Campion, Director of UWTSD’s Harmony Institute and Conference Chair said: “The University has a growing reputation in relation to sustainability, The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the principle of ‘Harmony’. UWTSD has been developing policies and teaching related to sustainability for a number of years – we are now interested in developing the philosophical notion of Harmony within the curriculum and in connection with the wider community. 

Dealing with the present social, environmental and economic crises is not just a matter of waiting for government and industry to change but of working out what we ourselves can do, as individuals and as communities. In order to understand the state of the world, we also have to address the underlying crisis of perception: what world views have led the Earth to its current state, and what world views can help us find solutions. It's important that we work out solutions between us and the essence of the Harmony Conference is to debate, to discuss and to make decisions on action.”

Harmoy Conference 2020 held on the Lampeter Camus

The conference was supported by Dr Caroline Lohmann-Hancock (Programme Director MA Equity and Diversity in Society), Phillip Morgan (Programme Director BA Sociology/BA Advocacy), Dr Louise Emanuel (Academic Director within UWTSD’s Institute of Management and Health), Dr Alex Bell (Online Masters Programme Manager at UWTSD’s Institute of Management and Health), Dr Angus Slater (Lecturer in Theology & Religious Studies) and Dr Luci Attala (Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology).

Dr Caroline Lohmann-Hancock added:

“We are happy to support our students to present at this important conference which has synergies with their Degree Studies. It is an excellent opportunity for our postgraduate and undergraduate students to develop and then present their assignments and essays at an academic conference. The chance to celebrate their work in an academic conference will support their progression into postgraduate degrees and employability in the future.”

For further information about UWTSD’s Harmony Institute, please visit  https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/harmony-institute/

Harmony Conference 2020 held on the Lampeter Campus

Further Information

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