A BA Chinese Studies student from UWTSD Lampeter graduates with first class honours


Ana Sadler from East Sussex is a BA Chinese Studies graduate from UWTSD Lampeter.  She found the course at UWTSD Lampeter after taking a year out from completing an Art Foundation course. During that time, she decided to teach herself Mandarin which led her to look for a University offering Chinese Studies and the opportunity to learn about Sinology - the culture and history of China. Lampeter appealed to her as it is a small campus with a very personal approach.

Ana Sadler wearing an academic gown and hat stands in front of the university's coat of arms.

The course offered a year abroad in China specifically to focus on language learning.

Ana said: “There were many different elements to the degree that I enjoyed, Chinese history, culture and language have all been interesting and amazing to learn about! But I can't lie, my year abroad in China will never be topped by anything else.”

The university has helped Ana develop academically, but also it helped her greatly to develop her own independence. 

“I believe we’re very lucky to be based on such a small campus, and personally this has helped me really grow during my time at Lampeter and made me a much more confident person pushing me to do things I’d never have considered before, as it has done with others I’ve met. Although a small campus, Lampeter provides lots of opportunities to students if they’re willing to be involved, and the more personal aspects of the campus allow you to really flourish, develop skills and yourself.

“I’ve changed a lot as a person over the three years I spent in Wales and the year I spent in China. My academic skills have also developed greatly, in all honesty, I wasn't a top student during my GCSE's and A Levels, however, everything seems to have changed now I'm at university and I managed to graduate with a First, something that I never thought was possible before coming to university.”

It’s been a challenging year for students this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and completing a degree in such a difficult time is something Ana will never forget.  

“One memory I certainly won’t forget is spending Christmas on campus this year and the amazing support that the accommodation team, porters, and Students’ Union provided to me and other students who stayed during the Christmas period.”

According to Ana, the university has several support systems in place to help students.

“The lecturers go above and beyond to help you do the best work you can. The accommodation team and the onsite porters do a great deal to support every student on campus and the porters are there for us every day no matter what problem you may have. Lastly, the Students’ Union are another one of the biggest support systems for the student body always going above and beyond for the students no matter what issue you may have or whatever you may be struggling with.”

BA Chinese Studies Programme Director Associate Prof Thomas Jansen said: “Ana has been a brilliant student over the course of her degree. Her decision to study Chinese language in China during the second year of the 4-year degree enabled her to gain fluency in Chinese and experience the country first hand. Ana and her classmates have demonstrated that they can meet the challenges that come with living and working in a cultural and linguistic environment different from their own. These skills and personal attributes make them very employable and will benefit them in any career they choose to enter.”

Ana is keeping her options open for the future. She admits that the skills and knowledge that she’s developed will open many doors to her on whatever path she chooses to follow.,

"There are many opportunities that are now open to me that may not have been without the experience of going to university,” she says.

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