A Medieval Studies graduate continues his studies at Lampeter to become a Priest.


A BA Medieval Studies graduate from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has decided to continue his studies at Lampeter after graduation so that he can become a Priest.

Paul Blackham

Paul Blackham from Merseyside is BA Medieval Studies graduate who has always had a fascination with history. Three years ago, he decided to study at Lampeter, because after falling in love with the campus in West Wales. The Medieval Studies department also appealed to Paul as his first impression of the lecturers showed their true passion for their subject.

When Paul began his studies, the enthusiasm within the department was infectious. According to Paul the professors and lecturers were all helpful and would go out of their way to help.

Paul said: “The manuscripts that they have at the library and archive are amazing!”

Paul says that he has developed so much over the past three years, and this is reflected within his grades. “When I started, I never thought I would have grades like these. I’ve been getting over 80s… I never would have dreamed of that in my first year, because I wasn’t always getting grades over 60. You can see an improvement and I can’t complain!”

Paul says that the level of support to students has been exceptional, and the lecturers did everything possible to help students with online learning.

Lampeter has certainly left its mark on Paul, as he’s decided to return to the campus next year to study a master’s degree in Theology, and hopefully following in his father’s footsteps to be ordained. The course has appealed to Paul as it’s similar to the medieval department, where you’re digging deeper into subjects.

Dr Timothy Baylor, Lecturer in Theology and Religion said: "Paul is an excellent student. He is exactly the kind of student we want to encourage to continue the study of theology in Lampeter: one that combines curiosity and thoughtfulness, with deep committed to Christ and love of neighbour. I have every confidence that Paul’s ministry will make the kind of lasting difference of which each member of this University can be proud."

Paul feels in-debted to the University, as he feels that the Medieval Studies course has given him a chance to use his degree to learn about the history of early Christianity to prepare him for a career as a priest. He’s also thankful for the opportunity to hold the role of Sacristan during his time at the University, as well as being able to lead morning and evening prayer at the University’s chapel. Paul added:

“I think studying at Lampeter is the best experience for further education for someone hoping to enter holy orders could have. You get challenged, you also get encouraged, you get the chapel community, there’s plenty of Christian history here!”

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