A Theology and Philosophy Student completes her degree after returning from studying another course in America


A Theology and Philosophy Student from Lampeter completes her degree, four years after returning from studying another course in a Theological school in America.

Celine Cuddihy

Celine Emily Louise Cuddihy originally from Caerphilly, now living in Pembrokeshire started her journey at Lampeter University in 2014 studying BA in Theology and Philosophy. Celine decided to take a four year gap to study another course in a Theological school in America, before returning this year to complete her studies in Lampeter.   

As a Christian, Celine wanted to study Theology and Philosophy in University as they were her favourite subjects at school.  Celine decided to study first at Lampeter for a number of reasons. After receiving an unconditional offer from the University,  and as she wanted to continue her studies in Wales, not many Universities within the country offered a Theology/ Philosophy degree, Lampeter was her first choice, and the course appealed to her greatly.

According to Celine: “Lampeter is such a special campus… it’s beautiful, it’s small and unique. The classes are small, and everyone knows each other. If you want to become an expert in your subject, then Lampeter is the perfect place to go, because the quality of teaching in my opinion is so high. We’re an unique campus because we’re the Humanities campus, and you can get so much in-depth quality teaching here. I honestly think that if you want to use humanities in the way that benefits the world, then Lampeter is the place to go – all of the lecturers are so passionate about their subject, they are setting you up to like take it into the world, and use it for good. ”

Celine decided to take a gap from her studies in Lampeter for three years so she could study another course at a very well-known and highly regarded Christian Theological School in America. When Celine came back to Wales, she felt that she needed to finish her degree at Lampeter. After returning to Lampeter, Celine decided to incorporate her studies in America in to her degree, by writing her dissertation on her experience studying at the Christian Theological School in America.

Celine has thoroughly enjoyed studying at Lampeter. She feels that the staff on the course have always been contactable and helpful and enthusiastic about their subject, and that has helped her within her studies: “I’ve really enjoyed this last year, and what I’ve loved is how the block system of classes works really well. You get four or five intensive weeks of going in to a subject, and we’re able to combine classes with other subjects but from a theological or philosophical angle… I love that! I’ve got to learn a lot of new things this year that I’d never thought I’d be able to learn about outside of my discipline.”

Celine’s has seen a difference in University life after re-joining online for her studies this year due to Covid 19 restrictions, to compare with living and studying on campus when she started. Celine thinks that online teaching has taught her what she’s capable of: “I didn’t realise I was capable of learning really independently, and getting such good grades during a difficult time.”

Due to health struggles this year, Celine has benefited from being able to study at home, and the University has been very accommodating in helping her to be able to continue with her studies.

The University is glad that Celine returned to complete her studies at Lampeter. Bettina Schmidt, Professor in Study of Religions and Anthropology of Religion said:  “It was a pleasure working with Celine during the last year. She was so passionate about her research on the fruit of religious experience in Charismatic Christianity. Her dissertation links perfectly her experience during her study abroad with the Welsh religious history. I was delighted that she had been awarded a First class degree and wish her well for her future.”

 The future’s bright for Celine. She’s currently applying for a post as an Anglican Priest, and she hopes after further theological training, her dream of being ordained as a Priest in the Church in Wales will come true.

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