Canolfan Elfed pupils visit Canolfan S4C Yr Egin to take part in the ‘Blaguro’ project.


Pupils from Canolfan Elfed in Carmarthen have visited Canolfan S4C Yr Egin recently as part of the ‘Blaguro’ project.

Two adults and a pupil look at a tray of sand.

The ‘Blaguro’ project, which is funded by the Arts Council of Wales, has established a community garden on Yr Egin land, where creative practitioners have collaborated with community groups to develop and lay roots down literally and creatively on the site. The project was designed as a way of reconnecting with the communities of Carmarthen town and trying to be as inclusive as possible.

One of those groups is Canolfan Elfed from Queen Elizabeth High School in Carmarthen. Over the past few months, Emma Baker, one of the creative artists, has been collaborating weekly with the centre to hold creative sessions exploring mindfulness by using elements of nature and the senses.

10 pupils have been part of these weekly sessions, and each of them has benefited from Emma’s creative skills, and her ability to share ideas and encourage discussions about feelings, in an expressive, exciting way.

Julie Jackson from Canolfan Elfed said: “Canolfan Elfed has been privileged to be invited to participate in The Blaguro Art Project. Pupils have worked with Emma Baker, a prestigious local artist and produced some excellent work in collaboration with her. This will culminate in their work, pupil voice viewpoint and substantial sensory input being displayed at Yr Egin and we are really looking forward to showcasing our talent and hard work to the Wider Community."

A pupil from Canolfan Elfed looks at a man holding a large studio microphone.

As part of the project. The pupils had the opportunity to visit Yr Egin recently to collaborate with Emma and Steffan Rhys Williams to create and record a “soundscape” for the community garden. During the session, the pupils made a recording using their voices, water and natural things like earth and sand.

The artist Emma Baker said: “It has been a privilege and honour to work on the ‘Blaguro’ project with Canolfan Elfed pupils. They have been extremely welcoming and have demonstrated enthusiasm in every art activity we have undertaken, from colouring to sculpting, print work and a digital sound collection. I feel like we have been on a journey together, using our senses to experiment with the different smells, textures, sounds and sights of nature. Every member of the group has contributed thoughtfully to activity planning so that others can enjoy the garden, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the culmination of all their efforts!”

Such sessions have shown the importance of the pupils’ creative journey, and to develop their confidence through the use of the arts. Llinos Jones, Canolfan S4C Yr Egin Project Engagement Officer, said:

“Walking in to one of Emma’s sessions with the Canolfan Elfed pupils has been a very special experience over the past weeks, as the group developed skills through the arts; the smiling and laughing, and enthusiasm towards creativity have been a breath of fresh air. This has clearly shown the importance of the arts to the lives of all members of a community, and the ability it has to make positive changes to lives.”

Two pupils on either side of a raised bed put their hands in the earth.

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